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Nigerian or Pygmy?

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Are there any identifying traits that can help tell Nigerians from Pygmy goats?


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If you go by the book, pygmies are achrondroplasic (sp?) dwarfs, meaning large head, shorter legs, while a true ND is a pituitary dwarf, meaning a proportioned, yet scaled down version of a standard size dairy goat (most often alpine is pointed to). It can be tough at times to tell the difference as some pygs may look more refined and some NDs more barrel-like and short legged. Plus, NDs came to the States from as many as 7 different types of mini goats, so many traits intertwined. The ND in America is still a relatively young breed and I applaud most of the breeders dedicated to producing to the applied standards.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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