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Newbie to site from north texas

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Im new to this site Ive been trying to make it on this 21 acres since 1998... and have tried various things ... my husband got disabled shortly after we moved on this place He was hurt in an accident here in 2000... so his help was minimal after that and over time he became worse and these last years was totally dependent and bedridden. I had to suspend all livestock and dog operations pretty much years ago to work and just take care of him and to keep this place mowed etc ... he passed away in 2019 and Ive decided to start where I left off and start again... only better I hope... with new registered sheep I have royal whites ...2 ewe lambs and 1 rambling so far, I have 2 donkeys and 2 cats and 1 older dog border collie/heeler. I just purchased a new registered herding dog parentage (border collie) puppy and have high hopes for her,.I used to raise border collies years ago before I suspended all operations here pretty much so Im back and Im finding there is so much I dont know and need to learn about wormers and shots for all of the animals... one of my cats has asthma of all things and she is the best mouser so everyday is a test of my knowledge and research, and not only that I have to redo all fencing and do house restoration so Ive become jill of all trades and master of none but Im trying ...
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Welcome to the forum, Janet.

I'm sorry for your loss. It's always difficult to have that other voice present in our lives.

Yes, things seem to change everyday when it comes to animal husbandry. That's probably why they remain with us for so many years than they did in the past.
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