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Newbie question about cow vs. goat milk

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Rookie here. Totally green to this style of living....

Hi. I have never had milk straight from a cow. Always have had it homoginized (sp) from the grocery store. I am looking to change my way of living and am planning now. So, with that said, a few questions:

1. Can anyone describe the taste difference between fresh cow milk and homoganized grocery store bought milk?

2. Can anyone describe the taste difference between grocery store milk to GOAT milk?

3. Can anyone describe the taste difference between fresh cow milk verses fresh goat milk?

Please and thank you in advance.

Also, can I assume that one can make cheese and butter from goats milk?

I don't know of any places in southern AZ where I can even find fresh from the animal milk, so I don't know that I'd be able to try anything out right now.

(I really want to do this and learn how to make butter and cheese)

I'm sure I am leaving something out.....

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To me the milk from my dairy goat tastes the same as the milk from my Holstein cow. The biggest difference I seen was that I can feed a goat for a week on the amount the cow ate in a day. I sold the cow.

I have a Saanen and her milk tastes wonderful. I won't drink store bought milk after drinking fresh milk. Now the store milk tastes bad. I didn't realize how bad it was until I tasted real milk. For me it's like comparing powdered milk to store milk, the powdered milk tastes bad. Same thing with comparing real milk to store milk, the store milk tastes bad.

You can see pics and read about most of the breeds available today at the Breeds of Goats site.

I am keeping my Saanen pair, but also have Nigerian Dwarf goats now. It's amazing how much milk a Nigerian will give, and the butterfat is 6 to 10% so it should be easier to make butter. They are excellent mothers often having 4 or even 5 kids. To me they are a great duel purpose goat.
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