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New US hardiness zones?

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Has anyone else seen this? (warning-it's a PDF and it takes a LONG time to download!) Apparently it's a draft revision of the plant hardiness zones. Good news for me-I've gone from Zone 3 to Zone 4! :D
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I didn't check out the zone map. but it sounds like you are being upgraded due to globle warming. When them glaciers all melt Minn will have 20,000 lakes instead of 10. Good time to get in the boat business ahead of the rush. What do you think?
Heck, it'll just be one big lake with 10,000 fishing holes! But with the global warming it won't freeze so there won't be any ice fishing...You're right, I think I'll get into the boat business. :eek:

It's interesting how on the new map they account for the "heat bubble" effect caused by of Minneapolis/St. Paul are now Zone 5.
I sure would be interested in taking a look at it but it times out before opening for me.
Not this winter!
i patiently downloaded this map but it was too much for my poor computer to open. too bad, i'd like to see it.
We went from zone 5 to zone 6.....after the coldest winter in 111 years! It easily exceeded our supposed -10 winter low this past December.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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