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New to herbs, questions.......

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I've tried to grow herbs before in my kitchen window, but they didn't do so well. This year I bought a bunch good size plants and put them outside. So far they are doing really well, and growing by leaps and bounds. I really don't know how to use them, so any help is appreciated. So far I have chives, 2 different kinds of parsley, lavender, spearmint, sage, oregano, and thyme. I want to add more, so any recommendations on others I can buy would be appreciated. I'm in NW Oregon about a hour from the coast.

Also, can I leave them outside over winter, or should I bring them in? I've used some parsley and chives, but don't know how to preserve them to use later.

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Next year, see if you can get basil going. It might like hideous conditions more than you have where you are --- it thrives in Oklahoma is bad soil and boiling temps! :haha: But it's such wonderful stuff, it's certainly worth a try.

I had thyme growing in a pot for two years, left it out year round and despite everyone saying it likes it best outside, it wasn't at all happy .... til i brought it in last winter. It took off like crazy then. I now have it planted in a raised bed where it's establishing itself and I'll probably divide and bring half in for the winter (just in case). i pinch it off for spicing meats and stews - it's great! :)

Spearmint loves abuse almost as much as basil. :) If it's doing well now, try repotting into a larger pot very soon (like in the next week or so) and wintering outside. Don't plant in the ground or it will take off. I use my spearmint for fruit-buttermilk shakes (ice, buttermilk, fruit of choice and lots of spearmint) and fresh fruit dishes (strawberries with cream and a touch of spearmint are heavenly). It makes great sauces and dips --- I actually made a pork roast a few days ago, and made a dipping sauce with spearmint, Bragg's liquid Aminos (which is like soy sauce), a touch of white vinegar, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and a tad of sweetener. It was great. I also chew on spearmint sprigs whenever I'm going out -- much more effective than breath mints.

Sage is very easy to save --- I have it growing everywhere here. I just cut the plants down, leave the leaves on the stems and bring the stems in --- and in a few days, they're dried --- I package into ziploc bags. I also like to crush it and leave it around - it smells so good. I have it both in the ground and in pots. I put the potted sage into the greenhouse or bring inside over the winter, but the stuff in the ground always survives even the hardest freezes. Very hardy plant.
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katydidonce said:
Garlic chives (Chinese) are wide and flat but don't taste like garlic. I chop them up and add to papusa dough for DS. Are we allowed to link to a supplier here? There's a little company in VT that sells sample packs for 35 cents--nice way to start just a couple of plants.

!!! I think you are allowed to link to suppliers! :D

And please do - I'd love to try garlic chives.
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