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New to herbs, questions.......

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I've tried to grow herbs before in my kitchen window, but they didn't do so well. This year I bought a bunch good size plants and put them outside. So far they are doing really well, and growing by leaps and bounds. I really don't know how to use them, so any help is appreciated. So far I have chives, 2 different kinds of parsley, lavender, spearmint, sage, oregano, and thyme. I want to add more, so any recommendations on others I can buy would be appreciated. I'm in NW Oregon about a hour from the coast.

Also, can I leave them outside over winter, or should I bring them in? I've used some parsley and chives, but don't know how to preserve them to use later.

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The problem with window boxes is that they aren't so good for perrenials. The roots have nowhere to go.
Are you planning to keep your herbs in pots? If so, I'd bring them in for the winter. Pots aren't big enough to keep the roots from heaving when there is a frost-thaw cycle.
I love thyme. Use it fresh in sauces and with any chicken dish. Makes a nice tea too.
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