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Discussion in 'Goats' started by MaryW, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. MaryW

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    Jun 7, 2004
    Well, I have got me a goat. I'm so proud of her. I wanted a milk goat for so long. Now I got one:)Like I said this is new for me. I have had her a total of a week and half. She is a Alpine. Looks just like a Deer! Beautifull. This is new and she is supposted to have her first in January. What should I expect? What do I do? How long do I leave her with her kid? I really want to milk her and now I go out several times a day for her to get to know me. I'm I doing the right thing or should I just leave her alone. She is not the tamest I've ever seen but, I just thought she was so pretty. Will try to take a picture of her to add so you can see her. How do you know it's time? Will she be ok? What does she need to eat and how much? I know a goat will eat anything but, I want her to be eating the right stuff. MaryW
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    Nov 7, 2004
    Hi, I'm kinda new to goats too,but I will offer my opinion. Contrary to what you have heard, goats do not eat everything. You can feed a good quality hay and about 1Lb grain per day. For a pregnant doe, you should increase her grain to about 1 1/2 to 2 Lbs per day. I feed mine a mix of cracked corn, complete horse and barley. Complete horse is suppose to be a good substitute for places that don't have a goat ration supplier. You can also feed lamb creep for the young ones. Also, they will not eat any food that touches the ground. They are actually very clean animals (except the buck during rut)

    I've got a pregnant doe, but I don't know when she actually got pregnant. Have asked for help in another string, so I can't add much there. You are right, they are beautiful animals and mine are so loving. You are right to go out and spend time with her, especiailly since you will be milking her. I would spend some time getting her used to you touching her udders. That way, she won't be upset when you try to milk her.

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    Dec 4, 2002
    I wouldn't count on touching those udders before time to milk. My nice, tame does don't want me messing with the udder unless they are on the milkstand and ready to be milked. Do spend all the time you can getting to know her, talking nicely to her, touching her if she'll let you, maybe hand feeding her. Most does will tame up considerably after they kid and begin to milk.
    Will this be her first kidding?
    Don't make any feed changes quickly. I'm sure others will give you good advice on what to feed. Mine that are due in December are getting half a scoop of a good goat ration and half a scoop of alfalfa pellets. I know that's not very specific, but adjust whatever you do gradually and pick up anything she doesn't clean up. Be sure she has good, clean hay, or plenty of good browse.
    I'd suggest you get a good goat book and read up on kidding, or look at some websites about it. I like to be there when mine kid, just in case they need assistance. Most appreciate it. You can help dry the kids up, iodine those cords, and be sure they nurse in a timely fashion, or else take them and bottle them.
    First week's milk has colustrum and is not good to drink.
    We worm the day they kid,
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    Aug 12, 2002
    We always put the does on the stanchion and feel their udders well before actually milking whether they like it or not. Somehow I think they remember what they are supposed to do later. Always be there when they kid if possible. Last 2 times DH had to pull the first kid. Make sure they have a good clean stall in the barn or out of cold and drafts. Our does appreciate warm water with molasses after kidding. Keep track of how long they take to have the kids so you can tell the vet or a goat friend if you need to. Usually the does don't have a problem but ours like the company. Vicki or Bernice willl probably have other helpful ideas for you.
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    Jun 6, 2003
    I never mess with my girls udders, before I milk them. and I never leave my kids in with the mom's. I take them at birth. and bring them in my kitchen. I raise them on bottles. and they love it. I make sure each baby gets its cholestrol, and each gets its milk. I use pasurized milk. I milk the does, pasturize it, and feed the babes.
    I try to practice CAE. neg.Also, I have learned that if you leave the kids on the does, that they all don't get the same amount of milk. and the does often favor the males. SO this way I know that tey are all getting the same amount. now this year, I think I will put my babies in the carriage house, right next to the house. after a few days in my kitchen, just to make sure that they get a good start. I bottle feed until 6 weeks, then wean off unto food. and then they are fine. I have good healthy babies.