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Hello Everyone,
I stumbled across this site afew days ago and have been pretty impressed with what I've seen and read so far.
I'm nearing retirement, within the next 8 yrs I think as I turn 57 this year and am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. We currently live in the DFW area of Texas and are thinking of buying a small acreage west of Fort Worth in the next year. My job has moved us all over world and I am honestly still trying to figure out where we will retire permanently.
I grew up on a family farm in Nebraska, and have lived in Asia while in the military and more recently we've lived in Montana, Poland, Pennsylvania and now Texas.
I'm hoping to do more research and narrow down our choices for full retirement within the next few months and I think this site and the people here will help us make an more informed decision. Additionally, I'm hoping to find out more information on homesteading and raising our own food as I left the farm quite afew years ago. :)

I look forward to learning from and conversing with many of you in the future.

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hi neighbor
welcome sounds like you have lead a interesting life.
Thanks happy hermits. Not sure if interesting or chaotic!
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