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New Etsy shop for us

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At the first of Dec we decided to take a plunge. I/we opened an Etsy shop. The craft venues this last year were totally dismal. I had more lookie loos than I care to count. Sadly I think it points out that our economy is still struggling no matter what the news says.
So far we have had lots of views and visits but no sales yet. We also have been racking our brains as to what we could create that would "Sell". Things that would be created through sewing or textiles.
So, I guess my question is along with wanting advice on helping the Etsy store along, would be what do you think would be of interest to the general public?
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Hi! I have two Etsy shops. From one seller to another, my word of advise would be to add a photo of yourself and to add a banner to start. Also, take your photographs in natural light. Maybe also put some of the clothes on dog models, even if it is a stuffed animal. Your products are cute.
By "Banner" What do you mean and how would I do this?
The idea of using a stuffed dog had not really occurred to me but should be doable. LOL I can go to the local thrift shops and find a suitable one.. :)
I did put one of them on one of our cats and have a picture of that.
The only other thing is that I really am not sure about posting a photo of myself. So that might have to wait.
And Thank you for the advice.
Is that a bangle cat in you photo?
Um What is a Bangle cat? :) Or did you mean Bengal?
If I am correct that you are referring to the profile photo, it is one I found on the internet and liked as I have always had cats and liked the attitude in that picture.
Yes, the more listings the more appeal. It can be tedious to prep, photos and list 100+ in the beginning. But later you only have to relist what you sell.
Etsy has a social media tool to help you advertise on FB, snapchat, whatever gram. Post a generic ad on CL with your store. Grab 100 visitors, some turn into buyers, maybe a handful save your store and there it begins.
I hadn't thought about Craigs List. Where on there would I put an ad? I also was digging through my shop trying to add in things and one of them is a one sentence description of us/our shop. I guess i never realized just how hard it is to describe oneself. LOL
I also have realized that I am being a bit impatient. I am used to almost instant results at the craft venues and Etsy is not that way. We do have other things that I can list but need to work on some of them. Sort of critiquing the quality and bringing them up to snuff. :)
OK ...Here is another thought that has been bugging me. Somehow I feel that I need to clarify that what I have in the pictures on this Etsy shop are already made and ready to ship when purchased. I am not sure if I have made that clear.
For those of you who have looked at our Etsy page, do you feel we have made that clear enough or is there a better way of wording our description ???
Suggestions are appreciated and I have been working on some of the previous ones.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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