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New Etsy shop for us

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At the first of Dec we decided to take a plunge. I/we opened an Etsy shop. The craft venues this last year were totally dismal. I had more lookie loos than I care to count. Sadly I think it points out that our economy is still struggling no matter what the news says.
So far we have had lots of views and visits but no sales yet. We also have been racking our brains as to what we could create that would "Sell". Things that would be created through sewing or textiles.
So, I guess my question is along with wanting advice on helping the Etsy store along, would be what do you think would be of interest to the general public?
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Very cute pet tents. Love the colours.

Some thoughts about the OP store. Take what's useful and ignore the rest.

I noticed your shop doesn't ship to Canada. Only shipping to one country reduces your customer base tremendously! Are you making a product that is illegal to ship across the border?

If you are worried about shipping customers baulking at shipping costs to their country, don't. If the customer wants the product, they will pay for the shipping. But if you don't include shipping to Canada, we just assume you are happy without our money and don't want to pester you for a shipping quote. Some shops are really rude when you ask to ship outside the USA, so most people I know, don't ask. Conclusion: make it as easy as possible for people to give you their money.

There are a few other things that you could do.

- more pictures. The more pictures you have, the better. If you have a pet or stuffed animal, maybe get an action shot.
- There could be more description with each item. You could talk about assembly. What size dog does it fit in terms that a non-dog person would understand - big, medium, butterfly dog, tiny - so that people who want to buy gifts for their pet loving friends can know if it fits their pet.

Just some random thoughts. Feel free to ignore them at your leisure.
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