New Cow~ And then there were 8

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by allenslabs, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Feb 5, 2005
    :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: Sometimes I think I must be a gluten for punishment. I had all this extra goats milk so DH said I should feed calves. So I tell the guy I'll take maybe 5. So he brings 2 and I get used to them and say well I think 1-2 more would be enough. So he brings me 3 ! So now I'm at 5 which is actually too many and I've not got enough milk for that. So I tell DH I should just get a cow to put them on (he hates animals by the way) and he says that's fine ..... :shrug: So I say ok. I called my neighbor and see if he would let me borrow his cow and he says ok but he has 2 calves that he needs to feed but doesn't like to milk the cow as she gives 5gal twice a day. After not enough thought I say I'll do it. So I bring her and his 2 calves here. That makes 7 calves now that I'm feeding after I was really just happy with the 2 I'd had. Sometimes I think impulses should really be thought through! HAHA!! She is sweet but enormous!! And yes it's 5gals. I had enough to feed 6 of them calves just from her!! It's amazing. She leads and has been used for 4H. So now instead of a leisurely hour to feed its a rushed I need to get moving hour and a half. It's definately gonna take some getting used to. HAHA!!
    Just wanted to share! See ya all!!

    Oh and what is the best cure for scours? All these dang calves have it? All came from the same guy and 2 just aren't lookin hot and I know how to usually cure stuff. He's bringing scour boluses sometime today. Poor little things look awful! I gave the one vitB to increase the appetite but we'll see I guess.

    Anywho.... c ya all!
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    Jan 12, 2006
    Now there's lots of others far more qualified than me - but when I was feeding a little jersey calf and it scoured I was told by folks here to only feed it 2 quarts a feeding. I'm writing this just to get a response to you quick - hopefully someone with more experience will write soon. The color of the scours seems to imply what it's from, I think.

    I'm just thinking you should be able to feed ten calves from five gallons, and if you are only able to feed six - maybe they are getting too much?


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    What are you going to do with a 80+ lb per day cow???
    I can see one of two things happening here. Either you will not feed her enough to keep up her body form and produce 80 lbs a day OR you will hate cows because she cost so much for feed and up keep.

    Now the calves. From the cow sounds like these are Holstein calves.
    1) I know you have them all separated to where they can not come in contact with each other. RIGHT.
    2) Several words you use makes me think they are not sick from a bug but rather have digestive scours. "just happy with the 2 I'd had" "its a rushed I need to get moving hour and a half"
    3) Now so I do not have to type this all again read every post by me in this recent thread. It explains digestive scours.
    4) you will find a electrolyte solution listed there. Take the calves off milk NOW feed the electrolyte solution twice a day for 4 feedings. (48 hrs)
    This will help clean out their system.
    5) remember these are babies; treat them like that and they do much better.
    Only feed 2 qts (1 bottle) per calf per feeding. Feed at the same time each day and use the same routine.
    6) If they get where they will not take a bottle let us know.

    For future reference 2 qts per feeding is really to much for a Jersey. I do not know who told you this but 1 ½ qts per feeding is plenty.
    8 to 10% of birth weight per day.
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    Please don't kill me for this one, but I'm thinking you are still back to square one with too much goats milk on your hands (now that the cow is feeding 6 of the 7):)

    On a more serious note, I hope the scours ends quich enough, that you get in the routine of all this and somehow in the end, it becomes an endeavor that works out great for you.