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Our broody Easter Egger hatched 2 chicks this week. They are cute little buggers. Well, when we went to round them up to put them in the nursery (she is an escapee and hatched them under the shed overhang) we noticed that one egg was in process of we put it with the others in the nursery.

She is a grey EE (the eggs were blue) and the dad is either a Black Giant or a bantam Game Roo.... The chicks are grey with white bellies..

This is our 3rd to hatch. The first gave us two blacks and the second gave us a few, but 2 died before they could dry off and the third died a day later. The mom died because she refused to eat.

We have had better luck letting our girls hatch than trying the incubator.

Anyway, I am excited because we got 4 maybe 5 'free" chicks this year.
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