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Starting a new thread due to the length of the old thread:

Here are the 9th edition recipes that have NOT been tested yet. If I missed some that have already been tested, please let me know and I’ll make the necessary corrections.

Crispy Fruit wafers pg. 493
Fruit Leather Candy pg.493
Leather Juice Combo pg.493
Fruit Paste Candy pg.493
Sunshine preserves pg. 493
Uncooked dried Fruits pg. 493
Basic Stewed Dried Fruit pg. 494
Fruit Granola pg. 494
Dried Fruit and Rice pg. 495
Dried fruit Jam pg.495
Any Fruit Ice pg. 521
Strawberry or Raspberry ice pg.521
Apple Jelly pg. 522
Blackberry Jelly pg. 523
Crab Apple Jelly pg. 523
Grape Jelly pg. 523
Plum Jelly pg. 523
No sugar Jelly pg. 523
Honey Fruit Jelly pg. 523
Apricot Jam pg. 524
Berry Jam pg. 524
Peach Jam pg. 524
Grape-plum pectin Jelly pg. 524
Pear -Apple pectin jam pg.524
Strawberry- Rhubarb pectin Jelly pg. 524
Plain Sugar Syrup pg. 525
Standard Fruit Syrup recipe pg. 525
Strawberry Syrup pg. 525
Raspberry syrup pg. 525
Plum syrup pg. 525
Basic Fruit syrup pg. 525
Whole Fruit Syrup pg. 525
Quick Berry syrup pg. 525
Resourceful woman’s syrup pg. 525
Fruit and Cream Sauce pg. 526
Apple, Plum or Grape ketchup pg.526
Basic Spiced Fruit pg. 527

Earlen’s Tutti Frutti pg. 528
Old Time Tutti Frutti pg. 528
Almost Brandied Fruit pg. 528
Tutti Frutti Icecream pg. 528
Combination of Spicing and Brandying og Peaches pg. 529
Rummed Blackberry Juice pg. 529; rated 3
Brandied Cherries pg. 529
Buried Brandied Peaches pg. 529
Pioneer Cider Vinegar pg. 532
Cider Sediment Vinegar pg. 532
Pure Cider Vinegar pg. 532
Wine Vinegar pg. 532
Black Currant, Raspberry or Blackberry Shrub pg. 533
Raspberry or Strawberry Shrub pg. 533
Spiced Raspberry Shrub pg.533

As these recipes are tested, I’ll mark in bold print

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Earlen's Tutti-Frutti
page 528
Rate 4
Comments: easy and was good

Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream
page 528
Rate 5
Comments: easy and very good

Pioneer Cider Vinegar
page 532
Rate 5
Comments: easy I just started this about 3 weeks ago, so it should be ready in another week or so.

Cider Sediment Vinegar
page 532
Rate 3
Comments: Can't say I really cared for this method. I like just putting my vinegar in crocks or whatever and leaving it alone.

Wine Vinegar
page 532
Rate 5
Comments: easy and was really good in recipes

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All three of the remaining recipes - cherries, peaches and OT Tutti Frutti are in process here, but they aren't really ready to be opened and tasted yet (actually, I did taste the cherries a while ago, and they were good, but not really ready yet). You've got a testing in process, but it will take another month or so before I can accurately report on them.


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THANK YOU :D Sharon!!!! I can wait for the results, it's such a blessing to know the 9th ed. recipes are totally tested now( accept for the reporting on the last three recipes)

Did you hear that Carla!!! FP is TOTALLY DONE :D :D :D :D :D

Thank you to all the testers that helped me get this chapter totally completed

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Congratulations, Kelle, all the FP TESTERS, and Sharon in NY! :D The next hurdle is to start getting the input from testers sorted into order in the chapter by recipe and get it posted on my website for all the world to see. Tentative schedule calls for that process to begin in January.

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I use the cook for a month type method but the way I do is that whenever I make a specific dish I multiply up the dish several times and freeze the excess in portion sized tubs. I have a large number of single portion sized tubs which stack extremely well in the freezer. It means I can deal with any and all impromptu guests and I only really need to cook once a week. The best thing is that is really is not much extra work and some dishes particularly curries and chillis significantly improve being frozen.

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The nostalgia window on ice houses is very interesting. In the UK we have a lot of historic houses which are owned and maintained by the National Trust. A number of these properties have ice houses which you can visit. They were used extensively, particularly by the big houses. Interestingly many also had facility in them to store produce, particularly meat during the summer period. They were filled with that much ice that they could supply a large estate with ice for the whole summer, as well as preserve a lot of meats etc. They even would make ice cream etc with them.

On an aside from this you will find a number of these houses also have cool rooms for storing dairy produce. These often had marble tables in them that had channels cut into them, water would then be run round theses channels. The cool water would keep the marble cool, an effected heightened in the summer by the cooling effect of water evaporating. They would store cheese, milk, cream, blancmanges, jellies and other desserts and dairy produce on them successfully, sometimes for several days. Eggs on the other hand were stored at room temperature in hay lined boxes.
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