New atwoods feed? ripoff???

Discussion in 'Goats' started by okiemom, May 3, 2005.

  1. okiemom

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    May 12, 2002

    went to atwoods Sunday and had to buy feed. got all the way home before I raalized they had dropped the bag weight to 40 lbs :p . rats I thought I was getting stronger :waa: :grump: :haha: The thing that got me was I don't think the prices have gone down? What's up with this? :no: :grump: ???

    Also anyone looked at the new goat feed w/ cocci treatment? Anyone like it? Enough seleinum copper for Ok or do we still need to give Bo-se??
  2. Meg Z

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    Jun 8, 2004
    Not just feed doing this! Instead of raising prices, they drop the quantity in the package. I always buy ice cream in those 5 quart buckets, cause the boys don't have discriminating ice cream tastes, and the buckets come in handy. I didn't realize that the last bucket I got was 4 quarts and a pint, until I realized the lids weren't interchangable.

    A pound of bacon? try 12 ounces.

    Double check the weight on your laundry soap, too.

    Don't forget the yogurt, sour cream, and other dairy products.

    In fact, if they can put it in a container, they're probably doing this little trick. So, now we all must learn to keep track of container sizes, as well as prices.

    Don't you just love free-enterprise? It's not cheating you, because the weight is clearly marked on the package. It's very clever...downright sly.


  3. shelbynteg

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    Jul 31, 2003
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    I agree, coffee used to be in 3 pound cans, who knows what that size is now! But my favorite is the yummy ice creams, my giant failing, that has candy bars in it, most mfgs are making it in 1.75 gal packages.

    Sly is the right word.
  4. jucal

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    Jan 26, 2003
    NE Oklahoma
    Okiemom. I thought the same thing when I got my poultry feed and it was so much easier to lift up and put in the cart. I checked the weight and yep it was 40 pounds instead of 50. Got home and checked the price with the last and of course 1 cent more per pound. That means 40 cents more per their new bag of 40 pound bag. Do they think we are stupid. I called the main office in Enid and complained about it but of coures it will take more than one or two complaints. Also complained about the Atwoods in Owasso at the German Corner. I hate to go there because the cashiers are more interested in what is going on with the other cashiers than the customer in front of them. They just need to keep their minds on what they are doing and not what the other cashier had for dinner last night, or some other stupid thing that they can think of. Thanks for letting me vent.