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New at this, where to start?

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I've been gardening and canning for a couple of years and now have decided to take the next big step. Hubby and I are planning a move in a few months, the exact location is as of yet undecided, but we know we will be going to MO. We intend to buy a couple of acres and build a home. I would like to do most of the work ourselves, but he isn't sure. Help me find a way to convince him that it is possible? ;)

Also, anyone have a suggestion on some good books for beginners? Raising enough food to care for ourselves is the ideal for us. So where do we start?
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Since nobody was born a building contractor I think anyone can build a house. We did and then totally remodeled this 110 year old farm house. Yes, it will take longer but you will save thousands and the feeling of accomplishment will last forever. Perhaps you would feel better starting with a smaller project like barn. Whatever you do, buy good quality tools and read the instruction books. Safety first. Also know, if you move to MO in many parts of the state good paying jobs are hard to find and small acreages are astrominically priced near better paying large cities. I work in Columbia and starter homes there are $150,000 and land is worse....yet down where are farm is that same amount is a set-up 120 acres or so.
Best book...Carla Emery's Old Fashioned Recipe book which isn',yes, but how to do ANYTHING in the country. Best bucks you'll spend on homesteading books. Try going to local farm shows,fairs,etc. There are all kinds of ways to prepare. But know it will take 20x the money you think it will and you will never be done working on your place!! DEE who lives in MO and wants to acquaint you with ROCKS...perhaps you'd like to build your house with them?
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