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New at this, where to start?

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I've been gardening and canning for a couple of years and now have decided to take the next big step. Hubby and I are planning a move in a few months, the exact location is as of yet undecided, but we know we will be going to MO. We intend to buy a couple of acres and build a home. I would like to do most of the work ourselves, but he isn't sure. Help me find a way to convince him that it is possible? ;)

Also, anyone have a suggestion on some good books for beginners? Raising enough food to care for ourselves is the ideal for us. So where do we start?
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You might enjoy reading some previous threads on this subject - I don't know how to give you a direct link, but you can search for "threads started" by "C & P" called "the new homesteader"
Good luck!
(I'm a newbie, so I can't really answer much for myself, but best wishes on your dream!)
Oops, it was "C and P"
Try this -
go to the very top of the page and choose the grey "search" button.
enter "The New Homesteader" in the Keyword search box.
choose the "search titles only" option.
scroll down to the title you're looking for.
Give it a whirl. there are some great ideas there.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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