new asphalt shingles with nail holes!

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    Oct 7, 2005
    Due to a bad hail storm two years ago, the insurance company paid for a new roof, --and new ceilings. i was very careful, hired a reputable roofing company with a good reputation. we've had numerous leaks, which under the warentee, he's came back to fix. still leaks, and he said its due to the chimney flashing. ceilings bad again.--so--my son went up to check. the roof has over a dozen spots where the nails-and thusly holes, are exposed! he knows it-as he has caulked over a few of them-but caulk dont stick on asphalt in hot weather. he did this, knowing we are elderly, and wouldnt be going on the roof to check! i've written him a letter, which he's failed to respond to. what i want to know , is what do you think of this shoddy practice, and think i should send pictures and copy of letter i sent him, to the insurance company?--after all, my ceilings are ruined again--
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    I think it probably depends on how the insurance paid your claim. If they sent you your payment personally, and you then deposited the check, hired the roofer, and paid the roofer yourself, it is likely they are no longer liable for any problems from that point forward. If I were you I would check with them to see if it is possible to file another claim for your current damages, the worst thing they can do is just say no, right?

    If on the other hand, the insurance company choose the roofer, and paid the roofer directly - they have not met their obligation to repair your home.

    The only other choice is to file a claim either though your attorney or in small claims court. If it is under $5,000 in most states, you can file it yourself without needing an attorney in small claims court.

    In the very least, please notify your Better Business Bureau, it won't help you but it might keep someone else from having the same problem from that roofer in the future.

    Sorry this happened to you and your family.


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    May 4, 2003

    I'd say send this to a news crew. They LOVE those 'elderly person taken advantage of stories' Also I wouldn't send anymore letter unless registered so he has to sign for them. That way if you do unfortunately have to take this to court you have something to back your story up with.
    Good luck
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    Jul 16, 2006
    Worst part of this is your roof will have to be re-done properly. Sorry for your trouble.