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Nestle's quick recipe

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I posted this on Cooking forum also. But more people visit this one, so I thought I'd post it here also.
With all the scare about the strawberry Quick, I'd like a recipe for the Chocolate quick. It shouldn't be that hard it's basically powderedsugar and cocoa. But how do you get the cocoa to dissolve in cold milk. I know I can make syrup but I would also like to make this if anyone has a recipe. The "clan" kids really like a glass of cold choc. milk and I'd really like to stay away from the store bought stuff.
Thanks, tyusclan momma
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check out:

may have something there you can use.
I got all excited thinking maybe I had finally found the link to the secret Bob Evans Bean Soup recipe. Darn it. Can't find that one anywhere. Quick isn't there, either.
I was told by someone who has recipes for alot of things that you can't really duplicate this at home...something about how they make the cocoa powder dissolve. You can get a chocolate syrup recipe though that will do good for chocolate milk. Its over on hillbilly housewife.
You could also make hot cocoa & refrigerate it.
what was the scare with the strawberry quik?
I just googled it and apparently there was bits of aluminum in it.
lol just goes to show that all these convenience foods are no good - and not just for the extra calories or the preservatives they have.....
You could also make hot cocoa & refrigerate it.
I completely agree, we've been making hot cocoa every night this week after dinner.

In a sauce pan on medium heat mix & heat: 1/4 cup of cocoa, 2 TBSP sugar, 3 cups milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla, sprinkle cinnamon.

If it makes it to cool down you can refrigerate it for later (our disappears before it ever gets a chance to cool down ;))
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