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Neighbors got a goat... Its a Buck. AND it got out.

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ok so .. where to start.. lol .. i noticed my neighbors next door got a goat after ive had mine for a few weeks now.. i thought "oh wow , they just got one, man.. its going to constantly be screaming... "

mine where freaking out cause theirs is screaming its head off and they want to go see it..

its wearing a pink collar , so i figured it was female , but then i heard them call it "buddy" and "jack" .... oh god .. its a buck ... i wasnt for sure though . cause maybe they just call all things buddy .. and maybe i misheard them calling it jack.

well today im out doing my morning chores , milking letting the birds out feeding the rabbits so on .. my brother came down to help me out since, well i got quite a few animals ,and he loves helping out. (20 chickens, one broody hen is laying on 25 eggs right now. actually so hopefully more in 20 days. 8 rabbits and 2 goats.) yeah .. you may think thats a small number , but its just me and im still new to the whole thing..

OK ANYWAYS im outside , and i look over and this little white flash out the side of my eye . i look and boom. its the neighbors goat. we both jump and he goes chasing the goat , and i go to knock on the neighbors door , he gets him , and the neighbor must have been asleep still , so i figured "let me just put her back in and see if she gets out again . i go to pick her up and BOOM NUTS .. " its for sure a full intact buck. fml ..

not only did the neighbors get a single lone goat, they got a buck.... i put him back in the fence and watch carefully as he walks into the shed they turned into a barn for him and BAM right through the window. we chase him around again, this time he made it up to my fence to say hello to my girls and his little member pops out . i swipe him up real fast and carry him back to the fence. my brother gets the window closed enough so he cant jump through it again.

she finally comes out straight outta bed, and we go over and talk , discover hes a Nigerian/pygmy which i was told to NEVER breed my girls with a pygmy nor half breed of one. cause their bone structure mass is to much for a Nigerian dwarf to handle. i tell her this and she just goes "their really small goats though" i tell her height size their small but bone structure their big compared.

i asked her if she was going to wither him , and she told me no, she dont believe in neutering animals as it gets rid of a main reason there here. she then goes to say how she seen my goats and how they where soooo cute , and she decided right then she wanted one , so went and got one.... *** with the impulse buying ?! she admitted she knows nothing about them. and just thought they where cute. i asked her to PLEASE make sure to keep him in their fence , as i dont want mine to be impregnated by him. as the pygmy in him scares me , and well .. my mama has already been freshened for the year, and her baby was only 1 month old.

she laughed it off saying hes to young to breed. so i informed her , her little boy is already poking though showing hes not too young.

she mentioned she was going to go take him for a walk so he can eat some grass, as the pen hes in is just .. dirt .. and chicken poop .. they keep him in a chicken fence with 65 chickens, its not THAT big of a fence for THAT many birds let alone a goat with them .. (was also told to never keep my goats in with my chickens as their poop can kill my goats.) i let her know "goats are browsers not grazers , they rather trees and bushes more then they like grass" and she pipes up "its a goat , they will eat anything, i could give him a tin can and he would be happy" .... ooo this lady i swear ... no research what so ever .. goats in fact do NOT eat everything. they are extremely picky animals.

so now im over here worried because i know goats can breed through a fence. and if one of mine gets pregnant thats going to be a horrible vet bill to pay .. i need a security camera pointed at my goat area so if he does break out again . or even when hes older. i will have proof it was on them , so THEY have to pay the vet bill for the abortion/c-section.

what the heck else can i do !?
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they have a fence , and i have a fence within a fence... but he busted through their shed screened window to get out .. so my brother shut it when we put him back in the 3rd time hoping he wouldnt break through the glass.

im not too sure about the laws honestly .. i tried looking up our state laws when it came to livestock , but we arent in a town .. so the rules are a little blurry line for us. i really hope their fence keeps him in now , as long as he dont learn he can bust the glass out of that window and get out again... like i built a cattle panel fence within my chainlink fenced yard , because i wanted to be extra safe with them .. i wasnt going to let them get hit by a car... she just dont care...
Call the sheriff's office and they can tell you what the laws are. Tell them your problem, if nothing else it will document the problems. If you get that electric fence, it might keep her from coming in as well. LOL
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