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Neighbors got a goat... Its a Buck. AND it got out.

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ok so .. where to start.. lol .. i noticed my neighbors next door got a goat after ive had mine for a few weeks now.. i thought "oh wow , they just got one, man.. its going to constantly be screaming... "

mine where freaking out cause theirs is screaming its head off and they want to go see it..

its wearing a pink collar , so i figured it was female , but then i heard them call it "buddy" and "jack" .... oh god .. its a buck ... i wasnt for sure though . cause maybe they just call all things buddy .. and maybe i misheard them calling it jack.

well today im out doing my morning chores , milking letting the birds out feeding the rabbits so on .. my brother came down to help me out since, well i got quite a few animals ,and he loves helping out. (20 chickens, one broody hen is laying on 25 eggs right now. actually so hopefully more in 20 days. 8 rabbits and 2 goats.) yeah .. you may think thats a small number , but its just me and im still new to the whole thing..

OK ANYWAYS im outside , and i look over and this little white flash out the side of my eye . i look and boom. its the neighbors goat. we both jump and he goes chasing the goat , and i go to knock on the neighbors door , he gets him , and the neighbor must have been asleep still , so i figured "let me just put her back in and see if she gets out again . i go to pick her up and BOOM NUTS .. " its for sure a full intact buck. fml ..

not only did the neighbors get a single lone goat, they got a buck.... i put him back in the fence and watch carefully as he walks into the shed they turned into a barn for him and BAM right through the window. we chase him around again, this time he made it up to my fence to say hello to my girls and his little member pops out . i swipe him up real fast and carry him back to the fence. my brother gets the window closed enough so he cant jump through it again.

she finally comes out straight outta bed, and we go over and talk , discover hes a Nigerian/pygmy which i was told to NEVER breed my girls with a pygmy nor half breed of one. cause their bone structure mass is to much for a Nigerian dwarf to handle. i tell her this and she just goes "their really small goats though" i tell her height size their small but bone structure their big compared.

i asked her if she was going to wither him , and she told me no, she dont believe in neutering animals as it gets rid of a main reason there here. she then goes to say how she seen my goats and how they where soooo cute , and she decided right then she wanted one , so went and got one.... *** with the impulse buying ?! she admitted she knows nothing about them. and just thought they where cute. i asked her to PLEASE make sure to keep him in their fence , as i dont want mine to be impregnated by him. as the pygmy in him scares me , and well .. my mama has already been freshened for the year, and her baby was only 1 month old.

she laughed it off saying hes to young to breed. so i informed her , her little boy is already poking though showing hes not too young.

she mentioned she was going to go take him for a walk so he can eat some grass, as the pen hes in is just .. dirt .. and chicken poop .. they keep him in a chicken fence with 65 chickens, its not THAT big of a fence for THAT many birds let alone a goat with them .. (was also told to never keep my goats in with my chickens as their poop can kill my goats.) i let her know "goats are browsers not grazers , they rather trees and bushes more then they like grass" and she pipes up "its a goat , they will eat anything, i could give him a tin can and he would be happy" .... ooo this lady i swear ... no research what so ever .. goats in fact do NOT eat everything. they are extremely picky animals.

so now im over here worried because i know goats can breed through a fence. and if one of mine gets pregnant thats going to be a horrible vet bill to pay .. i need a security camera pointed at my goat area so if he does break out again . or even when hes older. i will have proof it was on them , so THEY have to pay the vet bill for the abortion/c-section.

what the heck else can i do !?
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File a complaint with animal control.
Take it to the pound the next time it's on your property.

this lady is petty .. if i do anything , she will know its me, and i know shes the type of person to come onto my property while im at work and open all my animals pens and let them out just for revenge .... shes not a good neighbor at all ...
1. Get the hormones from the vet that caused a mis-bred female to abort the fetus.

2. Install an electric fence inside your fence to keep him out.

3. Be aware that she has NO idea what a buck in rut smell like and how NOT CUTE their behavior is. He won’t last long.

they have a hormone for that ? i will def , have to get some... i dont trust this lady at all ... shes just so nonchalant about the whole situation..

electric fence will have to come soon , but i cant afford it at the moment .. i wasnt planning on the neighbor to be stupid and get a freaking buck because "their so cute" ...

and yes .. im hoping as soon as the buck musk starts she will sell him ... she has NO idea whats coming her way with that one.
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Sounds like a barn sale goat.
If I don't know the buyers and they only want a single animal, I always make a point to ask if they have others and/or if they are experienced raising goats. Goats are not meant to be alone, and chickens or pitbulls don't count.
Even if they are meat goats I still care.

she said it has papers and she paid a bunch of money for it .. but even if she got it from a really good breeder.. and they asked if she had some at home , or knew how to take care of them she probably lied and said something like "oh yeah , i have a few at home, and i been raising them for a while. so im pretty knowledgeable on the matter. " ... because thats just the type of person she is ...

i made sure the lady i got mine off of knew "this is the first time im raising goats, im learning , but ill try my best to do good by them" and she told me i could call her when ever im stuck and dont know what to do. ive had a goat before , but it wasnt for milk .. it was a yard goat that we let trim up sticky bushes and such.. i was like 13 when we had her.. we had no idea that they where pack animals and needed a buddy , we where always wondering why she would just stand up there and scream . so on so on .. so i made sure before i got my dairy ones that i knew how to handle them.

she already told me she got him to be a pet ... but honestly .. why does your pet need to have his nuts ? like seriously .... if your not planning on breeding him , then just clip clop them away so i dont have to worry about it...
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I am confused, don't you have laws in Ohio? Is it a open range state? Who is required to build a fence? Out here in the big wide open west, we have rules. And if you don't follow them, there are consequences.

PS: Dig the hole now. You don't want to be running around in the middle of the night looking for a shovel.

they have a fence , and i have a fence within a fence... but he busted through their shed screened window to get out .. so my brother shut it when we put him back in the 3rd time hoping he wouldnt break through the glass.

im not too sure about the laws honestly .. i tried looking up our state laws when it came to livestock , but we arent in a town .. so the rules are a little blurry line for us. i really hope their fence keeps him in now , as long as he dont learn he can bust the glass out of that window and get out again... like i built a cattle panel fence within my chainlink fenced yard , because i wanted to be extra safe with them .. i wasnt going to let them get hit by a car... she just dont care...
I have a guinea hog boar that is about 3 1/2 months old.
He will walk up behind a full grown sow like a cartoon character following a smoke trail of food. He is too little to mount them so he will try to climb, he will back up and charge, he will do anything he can to fulfill the urge.
This issue of neighbors comes up fairly often. One side is a moron and the other side doesn't want to offend or make them mad.
Unfortunately, it is a one way street, so unless you want to continue to live under those conditions you are going to have to become a PIA; maybe to the point that this woman doesn't want to make you upset.
I would put up cameras right away, even cheap ones. Make sure she knows they are there. You don't have to threaten her with them, just throw it out in conversation as if it doesn't have to do with her.
Sorry to hear you are going thru this.

like i dont care if shes offended or mad... id go off the handle if i was allowed . my mom told me to be nice, that their my neighbors and im stuck with them until they move... shes a hardheaded woman and no matter what you say, you will just piss her off .... like me even saying "if your goat gets mine pregnant , im going to have to get an abortion preformed because of his breed." she was like "BUT PYGMYS ARE SMALL .. SHE WILL BE FINE" ... like also do you not understand the fact of .. i dont want your animal coming to get mine pregnant , when IM not ready for her to be pregnant !? also you complained about YOUR goat being expensive , i have TWO of them .. you dont wanna KNOW how much money i spent on mine so they where what i wanted..... also what if he mounts my baby and hurts her !? .. ugh... i told my brother today while we walked back to my house. "he gets out again, and hes going to get a rubber band before i put him back in... or getting a trip to the shelter." i dont put up with crap like that .. when their pitbull was getting in my yard it got a bb to the butt till it learned not to come back.

will be ordering cameras tomorrow . gotta head into work here in a few minutes and there till midnight.. passout when i get home , get 6 hours of sleep , wake up milk, let birds out , feed rabbits, make sure everyone has water, then come in and order cameras. then if that boy comes back over here ima start going off on her... cause im not dealing with it..
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I posted a few stories about this lately. People who have never owned more than a cat or some fish until the pandemic are buying livestock and believing they are "turn key".
These same people will be trying to unload them on Craiglist this fall when they realize they require more than just a little head rub and a treat after work.

also , lol im actually one of those people who bought animals during the pandemic .. but heres the thing .. ive wanted them for a LONG time.. but with the unemployment and stimulus money i finally was able to get them.. i had chickens and rabbits before it all went shut down mode. and i was actually going to get goats next year.. but just so happened , a lady was getting rid of her stock so she could get taller milking goats since they would be easier on her back , and boom .. goats.... i was ready for them though , i didnt just go "oh , goats for sale .. let me get 2 of those to add to my hoard of animals." .. but im acutally excited for when those people decide chickens and such are too much for them to handle cause i could use a few more layer birds.
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Keep us updated. I love a good bad neighbor story and the riots should be wearing down before too long.
few more stories from these bad neighbors then. not animal related .. well kinda

oh boy this lady has caused me more problems then this .. ok .. so .. shes got one of those large dumpsters in her driveway .. she called my dad ... to complain that MY house was giving her RATS .. and she was sending US the bill to get rid of them .. we called our rodent/bug people and had everything looked at, at my house and he was like "you dont have rats, you dont have mice, you dont even have moles... i dont know what shes going on about " so we sent her a copy of that slip so she cant say my house is giving her rats ... lol

her husband is a creep .. just so happens i work at an adult toy store .. yeaaaah .. its interesting..... but he noticed my uniform one day , and came over and asked if i worked for that store , i said "yessss ?" and he paused for a minute , kept glancing over his shoulder , and was like "my wife isnt doing the deed with me anymore , could i pay you to do it with me ?!" like *** .. i sell toys ..... not myself ..

so yeah .. these neighbors have caused me nothing but trouble .. i have so many freaking stories about these people its not even funny .. i live in a soap drama i swear .. i cant wait till they retire and move to Arizona ..
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Do you have an old dog collar and a leash? Next time he comes to visit, put the collar and leash on him. Take him home and tie him to her door knob. If her door was open I would put him in the house.
he wears a collar .. and i damn well know she dont lock her door at night.. cause when i knocked hard this morning , she didnt wake up .. like legit . stood there for 5 minutes and knocked twice .. to the point the door opened itself .. i could have just grabbed that goat and shoved him in .. lol and id hate to put him on the door knob like that , cause what if he pulls and hangs himself ? im mad at her , not the baby goat that knows no better.
Sometimes landscaping helps.

yes .. i need it .. but the goats might eat it .. lol !!!

im thinking 6ft high privacy fence all around my yard. so if i get any more animals she cant copy me .. also for defense of goat booty calls . but that gonna cost quite a bit , so slowly i shall save up for it .
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That's actually a pretty good idea, since she won't have a clue what you did or why his parts fell off. It's a good idea to give a Tetanus shot too as a precaution
finding a good time to do it is the tricky part though .. cause well .. shes ALWAYS home it seems.. plus i have no idea if they have cameras... but if they do , then they damn well know i chased their goat around for 20 mintues getting it in the fence of theirs 3 times... i just dont have the castration tool right now , i was planning on getting it closer to when my doe was ready for her second freshening for if and when she had boys . and ive never done it before . so i dont want to hurt him .. like i know cutting blood flow to the nuts will be painful , but i dont want to like .. accidentally only get one of them .. plus if his nuts fell off she would automatically assume i did it .. cause well .. i showed my frustration of her having a intact boy..
How far is their house and barn from yours?

their right next door if i stood at the back of my barn, and threw a rock , i could probably hit their barn .. so .. estimating .. 70-100 feet if i stared out my kitchen window , i can see them sitting at their counter island. hmm .. 5 car parked side by side.. trying to give estimates without snapping a pic of their house from my window like a creep .. lol
Cameras will be your friend for proof.
I agree, next time that boy gets out - catch him and call the sheriff or animal control to 'help' you return him next door. Engaging the sheriff lets both LEO and your neighbor know you're serious and demonstrates you're not trying to hurt someone else's animal. While you're talking with the sheriff as you drag that boy home, you can let them know this isn't the first time, but this time you need help.
Poor miserable buck.

right now with whats going on in the world .. this virus and such... calling the sheriff for a goat escort would be laughed at and they wouldnt show up .. but yeah , ill get the cameras , i just got to find a good one and hope i wont have to use any of the content for evidence. we also live by quite a busy road .. and its her excuse not to put her animals in at night .. "its to noisy for wild animals to come over here and eat any of the animals." yet .. she started out with 65 chickens and is down to about 40 now. hmmmm . also i would hate to come home from work and this goat to be dead on the side of the road because it got hit by a car... like seriously .. our houses, busy back road , houses on the other side, the interstate... yeah its loud out there, but animals get use to their surrounding sounds , a semi going down this road isnt going to freak out a raccoon or fox .. their use to it ..
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A Parmak electric fence charger, about $140.
Ground rod $25 or Rebar $1
Step in fence posts $1.99 each
Polywire 1320' or 1/4 mile $40

Pass that list to your significant other and change your birthday to next month.

i might be able to afford that next month after property tax is paid . and i dont have a significant other to help me out with stuff like that. lol its just me. plus .. i thought if a buck wanted it bad enough they would go through the fence whether it was electric or not ?
I lost a goat with a collar. He hung himself on the stub of a branch.

Given all the variables, the problem may solve itself.

it also dont help they have like .. 5 dogs .. 2 indoor and 3 outdoor , ive watched one of the dog of theirs kill about 3 chickens already .. all she does is say "no bad ! .. damn it dog ! " but lets him continue to run around...

so im worried if this buck gets out again hes going to get attacked by the dog . another reason i hate to pick up their goat and put it back in their fence.. cause i really rather not have more scars on my legs from THEIR dogs.. also .. none of their dogs are fixed... so i should have known she wasnt going to fix her buck ..

hes losing his voice today. it sounds so sad... i hope they stop being selfish and just take him back where they got him... she already told me "i dont think hes happy here" .. like .. no .. no hes not ..
When she is ready to let him go, take him.

take him .. like back over for her ? or to my house ? lol
i wont be adopting him from her. thats for sure , i dont need a animal thats not providing for me on my homestead... well cats... i have 2 of those lazy jerks , but they eat flies so i guess they help that way.. but a withered would just be taking up room ... 2 goats for milk is my limit at the moment , and when my first milker retires then ill have 3 on the homestread. as the retired one will be living the last of her days here. (i know the number of goats will flux due to freshenings but they wont be here to stay so that dont count.)

i unlike my neighbor, knows my limits.
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Do you have a large grill?
Or a freezer?
no grill and no freezer big enough . plus i dont think i can cull and eat a animal that takes THAT long to mature to good butcher weight. i get attached... thats why rabbits and chickens are my go to. like i could process a deer , but thats only because im not nurturing it to maturity before its on the table...

plus even if i was to take him off her hands after she was ready to get rid of him , she would want me to pay for him .. she complained like 4 times how expensive he was , and how he comes with papers and blah blah .. i dont wanna give that lady any money what so ever...
my dad a self employed woodworker/carpenter was hired by these guys to remodel their living room .. let him do all the work , then said they job was to expensive so didnt pay him... so my dad was out $2000, and they got a new living room.... and its not like he can do anything about it , because .. at the time , he never wrote out contracts. so there was nothing he could take to a lawyer... hes never had a problem till, them about people paying...

and also if i was willing to pay for him , by the time she was ready to get rid of him , he would be ruined .. sick , and on deaths door step ... i havent once seen them take him hay.. they expect him to eat the tiny bit of grass thats sticking though the fence around the pen.
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I wouldn't appreciate an unwanted visitor for biosecurity reasons, who knows what he's a carrier for. Being a solo animal, no wonder he's seeking companionship (breeding instinct aside). Your ACO officers might take him if he's loose, depending on your town's rules (ours is strictly dogs only).

ours has no rules since we dont live directly in town. its fair game. neighbor a few houses the other way has 6 horses , just down the road there is a farm with a good number of cows . the last time i told my mom ,i wanted to call animal control , she said "you live in a small area that has no rules on dogs being tied up.. all that guy is going to do is go knock on your neighbors door with the dog , tell him he was running a muck and the next time if he has to come out , hes going to the pound. just going to make your neighbors mad at you. "
Not sure where you live, but animal control isn't a "city limits" thing, it's usually a county/parish thing. So even if you are outside of town, you very likely still have animal control laws dictating what you can and cannot do with animals. Sometimes, animal control may not want to drive all the way out to your home, especially if you get a particularly lazy person on the phone.

I would recommend looking for and getting involved with their social media accounts, on Facebook. Around where I live, it's become really effective for getting AC to do what they're supposed to do. When a call fails, a public post showing a sick or abused animal usually results in enough torches and pitchforks to get AC management off their butts.

As for this lady coming onto your property... there's a couple things you can do to protect your animals. The first and easiest thing you can do is get some cheap security cameras and hide them. Even if it won't stop her in her tracks, you'll have her dead to rights on video and can call the sheriff's department to report the tresspass (which is criminal) and can sue her for any damages (if any harm comes to any of your animals, which is civil).

Second thing you can do is employ a little technology. If you're not comfortable with this, you can maybe reach out to a local high school or community college, or check Facebook groups (check out "Maker" groups in town), or ask your home security company (if you have one) about wireless door alarms. You can rig up a trip that will alert you via text while you're away from the home or somewhere else on property if your animal gates open when they're not supposed to. Easiest way to do this is with magnets, and she probably won't notice them if you paint them to match the gates.

i am getting security cameras , i still got to figure out which ones i wanna get.. i know nothing when it comes to technology really . except how to use a computer.. but lol id say im even sub par to that. a lot of the cameras i been seeing are motion sensitive ,which i ALWAYS have movement in my yard, having all these animals. so im thinking of something with a storage space for 48 hours of constant running, but that means it needs hardwired into my electrical which is another tricky thing... ill figure something out , but its going to take some brainstorming .. ill also look into the wireless door alarms. if the chickens got out , no big deal they know where their house and their food is , the goats though .. they would have a blast running around and wouldnt want to come back. well .. actually they might .. they seem to like me .. but i dont wanna test that theory .. lol
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I have a friend that has a farm, but is also a Veterinarian. She has a barn cat, a spayed female. When a stray comes around, she has a live trap. When she catches the stray, often male, she neuters it and releases it. Normally, he goes home and doesn't return.
That serves as a solution.
I'd be tempted to scoop up your neighbor's love sick billy, get it castrated and return it. In the meantime. "I haven't seen your goat, I'll help you look for him."

it would be nice if i had someone who could swoop in like that and just do that really quick so i didnt have to worry about this ... but if that happened honestly i think she would just get a new goat .. but aye ! at least this one would have a buddy ! lol
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