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I am an aromatherapist, massage thereapist, and reflexologist. Okay.... lots of Vit. C on the cold issue.

For the stuffiness:
Aromatherapy... half and half.. Eucalyptus and Lavender.
A drop or two of each on a cotton pad. (If you dilute with a little oil she can put it directly on her skin.. either by her nostrils or on wrists or under chin.) Aromatherapy is absorbed into the blood stream either way.... through the dermis or by way of the olfactory.

Reflexology: Rub/massage (firmly) the tips of the fingers several times a day for about 30 sec. each finger and thumb. These are the points for the sinuses.

Also.. trigger points are located (in line with the pupils) under brow bone, top and bottom of cheekbone. Hold these spots for 30 seconds each.. (it WILL hurt when the proper spot is found. (Good for sinuses, migraines and sinus headaches.)

There ya go. Do it!! It works!! :):)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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