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First of all, congratulations on Carnegie Hall! What an honor, she must be wonderful! Here is my three day, get better plan that I use whenever I get a virus:

Day One: Take 6 zinc drops or 6 echinacea capsules(two with each meal).
drink 5 cups of black or green tea with honey
drink one glass of orange juice or eat one orange
eat one meal consisting of onion soup made with one whole onion.
(or some other light meal that includes one whole onion)
Take a warm bath with epsom salts (unless diabetic)
Go to bed early

Day Two: Repeat day one

Day Three: By now, things should be improving. I usually cut the tea down to 2 or 3 cups (5 can be daunting), and skip the onion soup, as it gets a bit boring.

Of course, if it's a sinus infection, she might have to break down and get a shot of antibiotics. I hope she can just get it cleared up with diet and rest, though!
Good luck! Let us know how Carnegie Hall went!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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