need ya'lls help with saying Thank You

Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by dale anne, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Apr 28, 2004
    howdy ya'll.....I have an uncle is who not doing very well and a nurse he has had for a year who has been great to him even on her days off and without pay![to keep a long story short]....she is hurt and considering leaving the nursing field once uncle willy passes away...I know we need more nurses like her and would like to say thanks and encourage her to be a nurse for a life time ......I ask that anyone who wishes to reply to this thread with a Thank You and encouraging words so I can print it off and forward it to her along with my own Thank You card and a gift...all it will cost you is a lil time...Thank You Dale Anne...I am not sure about giving out her name online so we can call her Nurse J.....or to Willy's Nurse
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    Jun 17, 2003
    As one who has needed nurses care I wish her the VERY best. Nurses are truly Gods gift. Us clients & families never will forget the care and time they put forth. Although their are clients who may leave a sour taste in your mouth, their are those of us who truly thank you! Good nurses are hard to come by and are angels for many of us. Maybe if the field you are in needs a change to something more fun for nursing. Maybe working with young cancer patients or in peds. The joy of helping children will help cure the 'burn out'. Maybe you just need a small break, but as you know 'nursing' is in the blood and not easliy given up. Keep with it!
    You truly are an

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    May 3, 2006
    I Would Like To Thank All The Nurses Out There, I Take My Mom To Many Doctor Appointments And Hospital Stays, Mom Is Elderly And Not Always As Thoughtful And Kind As She Should Be To The Nurses
    And Doctors, My Family And I Appreciate The Care That Is Given To
    All Who Need It, And I Try To Make A Point Of Letting Them Know
    In Her Behalf.
  4. Mutti

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Any kind of note from the heart would be appreciated...sorry to say we often don't get those kind of thankyous. As a nurse your thankyous come from knowing you've made a difference in that person's life even if its just little things like getting the pain med right to them or going to the kitchen late at nite for some ice cream. Lost a long term lung cancer pt. last week and her barely whispered I love you's were a blessing--hardest when you loose those so close to your own age. It is easy to get burned out and sometimes caregivers do need to take some time off for themselves. DEE
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    May 9, 2002
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    When my mother was dying of cancer, she had a nurse practitioner come in to her for "terminal care". Her name was Glynnis, and I cannot tell you how very important her presence and care meant to us. She did all of those things for my mother that my mother, who was a very "proper" lady, could no longer do for herself, but couldn't bring herself to ask her daughters to do for her. When the call came that her time was close, and I flew home to be with her for her last days, Glynnis was the one who held my hand as I made some tough decisions for my mother's care. When I "held it together" in front of my mother in her hospital room, Glynnis was the one standing outside the door, holding her arms open for me when I left, unable to hold back my own tears any longer. She held me, a grown woman, while I cried. She told me I was doing the right thing when I made the decision on the DNR order. She was the one who explained what was going on in my mother's brain, where the cancer had spread to, and how that can cause people to say and do things, refer to things that never really happened.

    She was the one who prayed with me. She sat at the hospital all night with us, waiting for the inevitable, despite the fact that she had both a family and a job of her own.

    There is no real way to thank this woman for what she did for our family, for our mother -- for me. She has a special place in my heart, and always will have. She came to us as a stranger at one of the worst times of our lives, stayed with us as it only got worse, and quietly stood back and let us grieve, while holding it together for all of us.

    Nurses who take on this kind of work are often overlooked during the time that a family grieves, but we need more of them. We need more people who can give love and care unconditionally when their "clients" are at their absolute worst, who can offer a hand, or a shoulder, when needed, and who can explain the details to us, which we may miss.

    I hope that your uncle's nurse understands, even if she's never been told, how very much her contribution means to the families she helps. They may not be in any condition to tell her at the time, but to a family who is losing a loved one, it means the world to have someone strong and knowledgeable there to guide them.

    I can tell you that one of the few reasons that I can look back on the time surrounding my mother's death with something other than debilitating grief is the fact that my mother had this woman in her life when she was needed, and that she stayed to help us, despite the fact that her "job" was done, after my mother was gone.

    The world definitely needs more people like this.
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    I'm married to one of the best nurses ever put on this earth. Ya'll put up with more stuff than a person should have to. From my experience I offer you congradulations, thanks, a nice cup of tea and a cyber foot massage that makes you wilt from the shoulders down to your toes. Oh, and 1 free 'call off' pass.
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    Mar 4, 2004
    I'm a nurse,too and have all too many days that I feel like a waitress, social worker, and unwilling participant on Jerry Springer. But, once in a while, there are those moments.....
    One of our senile elderly ladies saying, "Good night, Mama" when I help her into bed.
    A new mom that smiles and wakes up with a sparkle in her eye after I've let her rest (with pain meds on board and the baby in the nursery).
    The ones who say thank you.
    Holding the hand of one who is dying and truly knowing I made a difference.
    Having a pt ask for me again, because I am "their" nurse.
    Having a doctor say thank you (much more rare than hearing it from pts).
    Those moments make things easier. Nursing is a tough job, but it has so many privlidges - we are there when people take their first breaths and their last. We see so much pain and sorrow, sometimes joy, but WE can make it better or worse depending on how we act. there is no other profession like it. I won't lie - most days, I stay in it because it is a steady job with decent pay for my education. And I tell old nurse stories (I was a nurse when we used Emerson pumps and Cantor tubes), so that I can remember the 'moments" that make it all worth while.
  8. teresab

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    May 25, 2005
    Near Erie,Pa
    Nurses are a different breed from other people. They are so special. Most of us take them for granted until we need them and then there is nothing better on this earth than a good nurse. My daughter is an ER RN. People tend to think they are hard sometimes but believe me the things they see and the things they deal with are so much more than the average human being will ever deal with. On the outside my daughter doesn't show much emotion at her job...yet she is one of the most caring people I know. She is this way because of her job...say you were brought into the er with a gaping head wound and bleeding profusely. Most of us would faint,throw up or at least cry out at what we see....not nurses...they go about their jobs with knowledge and efficiency and get the job done. And yes sometimes after it is all over and the patient is stable or the worst has happened ...they died after all the medical staffs valient efforts....she might excuse herself and go somewhere and cry.
    Nurses are God's angels on earth!! On very rare occasion a patient or patients relative will think back on my daughters efforts and will take the time to write her a Thank you note. They mean the world to her....she keeps them all and reads them when she has a particular hard day and it keeps her going.
    Nurse J....don't leave the profession. It is such a noble job...yes, we all recognize it is such a hard job to do but where would we be without such caring people like you. If it has become too much...take a breath,give yourself some time and realize you have a gift that not many people have or could do. You are a nurse and you should be proud.