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I have three people so far that want to buy hog 1/2's from me. I need to know what to charge. I also need to know if those of you who sell 1/2's of pig roll the processing,slaughtering and cost of the hog into the price or charge for hog and have them pay the processor seperately. These are my anticipated inputs: six 100 lb bags of feed @$9 each. Each pig $40 -50. The local butcher charges $50-slaughtering, Processing $0.32/lb, smoking & curing(hams & bacon) $0.65/lb, grinding & wrapping $0.50/llb and grinding $ 0.35/lb.

There are a couple other meat processors around. I will look into what they charge. I've heard our local butcher is a little high but, it would be less stressful on the hogs to slaughter right here on the premises!

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