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Need to do something about all the photos I have on the computer

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Can I buy this:

and put them on CD's? Or is there a better option that costs about the same or less?

I really don't like having so many photos on the computer, I am afraid it will crash and I will lose them. I try to print as I download, but I am a few hundred behind right now... and it is nice to have them where I can access them easily.
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External hard drives can hold most anything - it takes a long time to cut a bunch of dvds.

500gb drive - $70

1tb drive - $120 - I saw one for $99 after rebate.

Get two 500gb and put everything on it twice.
Ok - if you just have a few gb - a few dvds - my 'problem' is I have 100s of gbs of stuff.
Melissa -

sorry we've confused you.

8000 pictures, based on your comment, suggests 40-50 gb. That would be about 10 dvds - not really a lot, these days.

You need a DVD burner - and if you have a DVD burner, you have a way to play dvds on your computer as well - and we're not talking dvd movies, we're talking "data" - consider THESE dvds just a 4.5gb disks.

And they are cheap these days - you can get blanks for less than 40 cents each.

Now - other suggestions are an external hard drive - remember you have maybe 50gb of photos - you can buy an external (connect via usb) 500gb (that's 500 - vs 50) for like $60-75 these days.

Two good options to backup your photos - and I agree with everyone here - you should have the info in 3 places - on your computer, on a backup, and on another backup.

Why 3? Well, best of all - keep ONE of them NOT at your home. (What if your home burned down - all gone!) I keep one of my backups at my Mom's house, one at home, and of course my computer.

Sure, the one at Mom's only gets updated like once a year - but it has everything up to the last year.

Dan T. Davis
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1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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