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Want to buy land but have no idea what questions to ask of realtor and/or owner-seller. Anyone have guidelines on what to ask when making this type of purchase?

What do I look for in the soil? Is there good or bad soil?

Some "land for sale" ads state that the land is is 'ideal for hunter'. Does that mean it is not ideal for living?

What does "power at road" mean? If "power is at road" how is it accessed? What should I ask about septic? Heating? Water? Sewer?

What do I need to know about "right of way" onto property?

If I find a property with stream, lake or river on/near property, what questions should I ask?

I plan to buy the land first and put a cabin or trailer on it. Some ads say "building site." If it does NOT say building site does it mean it is not suitable for building?

Also appreciate information on anything that I neglected to ask.

Thank you.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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