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yes if you have ANY water running thru, find out if you own the creek and the land beside it. I looke dat a really really nice old place, the house was in need of total resoration but it had a barn and a BIG creek running at a good clip thru it with a clearly defined forest floodplain area . the creek was deep, and fast, so i am thinking "yippee waterwhell power!!" "yippee I can widen part of it and put in a rock rapid line to make a flow thru pond for the ducks n geese!" and I also said "whats that odd smell"
well, the county said the stream couldnt be tampered with, dammed diverted or anything but the driveway bridge built over it (i dont know why) and i drove upstream along the road to see WHERE the water was coming from, and flowing past, and the smell was from a chemical plant, very small one but they must have been dumping the smell in the water. (wasnt a bad smell, just unnatural) and the water was clear with ducks and fish in it...
well forget that... i may want to divert a small branch off it or set up a water wheel pump to bring it up to the gardens ect...
see if the creek has restrictions on it from anyone, and see WHERE that water comes from and runs past.
in PA they are real picky about the water... more who has rights to it than what they dump in it.

and check the mineral rights. if there is a gas well on it OR you hit gas while drilling for water, you may not have the rights to USE the gas... and then you have the people who do own the gas/oil rights coming in and well you get the picture. usually if no oil/gas has beef found on the land you can buy the rights from the holder of said mineral rights.
you may hit a seam of surface coal while plowing, and if you do you may not OWN the coal.... you may even get a 20 yr visit from the coal company who will part an appartment house size dragline in your ffront 40.... :haha:

and if yor in the right area, and you happen to find a bit of color in your shovel (gold dust) while playin in your creek, you may not own the placer gold you find there either!
if you have a LARGE place in a mineral rich zone, check into the mineral rights! you may be entitled to a share of them as the landowner, or you may be required to allow full access to the miners/drillers who do own it. in my deeds, I am required to surrender any coal deposits or finds to the coal comapny who owns the rights.... fortunately, the coal is a long way down under my feet and there are active deep mines all over so i dont think they will ever come here to strip, BUT 1/2 mile over the hill they just finished reclaiming the strip mine there SO there is always that possibility.
you may even not own the timber rights...
if you can secure a piece with ALL mineral/gas/oil rights, you have a good deal. test the groundwater, some places the groundwater has been poluted by sepage from landfills, waste dumps, deep mine floods/breakthrus, ect. just becaus eit LOOKS clean doesnt mean it is, polution can travel a long way underground.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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