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Here goes :)

cathanna said:
Want to buy land but have no idea what questions to ask of realtor and/or owner-seller. Anyone have guidelines on what to ask when making this type of purchase?

Lots of questions here. I'll address what I can. I would suggest the book "Ruralize your dreams: a comprehensive guide"

Some "land for sale" ads state that the land is is 'ideal for hunter'. Does that mean it is not ideal for living?.
This means that it is being sold as recreational land. This can mean its inaccessable during times of the year, flood land, or maybe just to rural for most folks. The thing to remember here is that you probally won't be able to get a loan from a bank(or if so you'll need quite a bit down).
What does "power at road" mean? If "power is at road" how is it accessed? What should I ask about septic? Heating? Water? Sewer?
power at the road means just that. If your parcel much off the road(ours is 1 1/4 mile) then it could be quite expensive(or maybe impossible) to get it to your parcel depending on right of ways and such.

You will most likely have to have a septic system put in(have a perc test done before you purchase if possible) as well as a well (check with neighboors to see how deep their well is and if possible have a driller come out and drill, otherwise make it part of the contract that no water = no sale) this will be expensive)especially if they don't find water because you have to pay the driller(normally)

heating of course will depend on the electric avaiability as well as what you choose to heat with. I'm assuming there isn't a house on the property your looking at
What do I need to know about "right of way" onto property?
right of way is called ingress and egress. If you have to cross ajoining property to get to yours, make sure there is ingress and egress across that land also, otherwise you may have problems getting to yours. You can find this info on the legal description. The agent should be able to give you enough info to be able to find the deed at the county courthouse. Things like section, range etc is the info they should have to find the parcel. A legal description would say something like north 1/2 of South half .... section 15 township 10 range 20 for example.
If I find a property with stream, lake or river on/near property, what questions
should I ask?
you can look up flood maps as well as looking at the land itself. look for marshy areas as well as flood markings on trees etc.
I plan to buy the land first and put a cabin or trailer on it. Some ads say "building site." If it does NOT say building site does it mean it is not suitable for building?
not always. You will want to look at a topographic map as well as the land it's self. I can always tell more from looking than looking at a map. You will see if the land is steep or flat, etc just by looking. If in doubt, find a friend who can check the slope.

Be sure to also check the job market in the area if you plan to live there full time or work outside the homestead. What good does a house on land do you if you can't keep it because of taxes or the payment ? :)

I know there is a lot of info to digest here. Don't fret though. We all learn as we go and all pay some fools tax along the way.

Good luck and good hunting.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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