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That’s funny, right there.
About 15 years ago, my grandpa and grandma (God’s enjoying her cooking now) came to visit us in our first home for a week, and the weather was horrible so we stayed home and practiced cooking, and tuning engines; taking advantage of my grandparents’ respective PHDs.

I was proud showing ma-maw our induction top stove, naively thinking it was the pinnacle of stove-toppery, and she was dotingly impressed… until she needed to show my wife something with a roux base.

I knew better than to think my ma-maw would be flippant with something like that, so I made it a mission to set up fire for her to cook on, and ended up setting my Boy Scouts-era MSA propane stove for her to instruct on. A backpack stove looked out of place in the kitchen that evening, but it got the job done.

Our current home has an electric stove and, to this day, when either the wife or I need a roux, it gets started on the propane burner in the back porch kitchen.
11241 - 11260 of 11302 Posts