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I bought a new computer a few months ago and it had McAfee on it. well it just expired so i bought McAfee total security. Since I installed it(or think I did-I cannot get anything to show up on the screen about it but is downloading updates apparently) anyway now I cannot sell on ebay for some reason, the sell page just will not load. Everything else on ebay works except this. Could it be a browser setting on the new software? This may not seem to important but I am layed off from work and I was using my ebay money to get by on. Any advice on what to do will be appreciated. I know very little about computers and cannot even find the browser seting on here. It is a gateway running windows vista premium edition. Thank you.

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I don't use McAfee 2007 products, so I am not familiar with what setting(s) may be at fault.

I suggest a workaround since you need eBay access pronto.

Try this as an emergency solution:

1. Download this free antivirus program to your desktop:

2. Remove your new McAfee security package from your computer

3. Install free Avast antivirus program you downloaded from above

4. See if you can access eBay seller page

5. If this gives you access, you can email McAfee with your problem. They have a reputation of being slow to respond. If you get a solution, you can always switch things back to McAfee later.

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