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Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by MaKettle, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Oct 1, 2003
    There is a section of the foundation--about 6' long--that looked as :sleep: was covered with a stucco type cement. It is different from the rest of the foundation (poured cement in a brick pattern mold). It is along the garage wall/laundry room section of the house that is on a cement slab. House was nearly 17 years old when we bought it. After a few years, the cement stuff peeled off, revealing nothing but styrofoam under it. Well, that seemed sort of weird, but mixed up a batch of cement and slapped that over the exposed styrofoam, and it held for a few years, but is again coming off.

    What did the builder not do that he should have done, and what do I do to correct this problem? Slopping cement over this 3 x 6' section is just a temporary fix.
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    Oct 15, 2005
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    Im no professional builder, but Ive never seen insulation on the outside of a wall. walls that Ive seen are poured, or block, and covered with a sealer, then if the owner wants to insulate they do it inside with a 2x4 wall and batt insulation. I fit was me I might take all the syrofoam off, seal the block, or concrete, or whatever you find unerneath, then if you want insulate the inside

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    There is a system used called Dryvit. Its just as you say. stucco over stryofoam. Its used on a lot of houses and some had a lot of problems. That section could be a wood foundation with dryvit on it. Rube Goldberg setup. I would find out whats underneath. If it is sound you can redryvit again but make sure it is flashed right so water doesn't get behind it.