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Need help with doeling!

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I have a doeling about 4 months old that is throwing up-very green stuff. She has done this for 2 days now, it is not constant, maybe 3 times a day. Her temp. is 98.7. I just bought these goats last Sat. and they came from a drought stricken area and we have decent grass here. I am wondering if the grass is making her sick? I sent DH to get yogurt to give her. Any other suggestions?
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Retake her temp! if it is that low, she is in great distress and she may die. Did you take it with a digital thermometer rectally? Also, take a herdmates temp to get a good comparison. Put the doeling on just grass hay right now and get some baking soda in her. No feed, no grain, no browse or weeds. Do you have CD antitoxin? Get some and give her that now, even if you have to find a goat owner near you and get it if vet is closed already.

Is her rumen real bloated? Is the left side of her belly hard and inflated like a drum? Is she with other goats and if so, how are they? What is the weight and condition of this sick one, thin or fat, shiney or dull. When was she last wormed? Is there anything else you can think to tell us? Oh, any diarrhea? Is she up and about? Listless?

Hopefully someone else will come add to my response soon...sorry she is sick.
Delinda, hopefully your doeling is ok today and was just a bit full. I don't have experience with goats vomiting. I don't think it could be a good thing though, keep looking for a cause.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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