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Discussion in 'Goats' started by moonspinner, Apr 26, 2005.

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    I had what I suspected to be a cocci outbreak on five nigerian goat kids. I put them on a five day Sulmet treatment, a drug which has worked 100% effectively in the past. Three of the five cleared up fine. Two sisters however still have very soft stool and not as active as they should be, especially one. On top of that both have white nasal discharge. I took the more lethargic one (six weeks) to the vet Friday. A fecal revealed cocci load as I thought. No temp, lungs clear. The vet didn't think anything was necessary for the discharge. He did say she looked a bit anemic but thought once the cocci cleared up she'd be fine. He gave me four Albon tablets. Yesterday was the last treatment and today her stool a bit worse. And her sister as well. Looking for suggestions. I have some Oxytet, would that be something to start them on? Also should I try another cocci course? And would B-complex help? Just haven't had much sickness in my goats to deal with, but I'm convinced my rollercoaster cold to hot to cold and rainy weather pattern is the culprit. Thanks.
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    Apr 17, 2005
    Hi Moonspinner
    Sorry to hear you are dealing with these dreaded bouts of scours. Your correct in that the weather is not helping you. I have had the same basic situation. Have several young ones(weaners and bottle babes) that do fine till a cold rainy day the next they are loose.(will last 2 or 3 days) Our weather is the same hot, cold, rain, sun. I have had great improvement by providing an electrolyte in the water, and any that are runny loose I give a dose of Kaolin Pectin(like pepto bismol) Two had to have a shot of antibiotics, but they also had a cold with the poops. With the rain the ground is probably full of the cocci eggs. Just about the time you get one better another will start. Wonder if spraying the ground with bleach or brine solution would help, I'll have to go read on what if anything can kill the eggs in the ground.


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    Rain and cold and hot and rain and cold again seems to be the pattern here, too. ICK! I want my spring back!

    As for the babies: the most lethargic one is six old are the others? All about the same or is there a wide range? Are they bottle fed or on Mom?

    Have you given them Probios to replace the good bacteria that the antibiotics are *also* killing off? They don't just take the bad stuff, they take out the good stuff, too, so you have to replace it.

    Take another fecal in to the vet and see if the cocci load is improving or not. In some areas Albon may not be effective, if the cocci has developed a resistance. Another med might be a better option to try? But if the cocci load is down then it could just be a lack of digesting enzymes and bacteria that need replacing. Probios comes in big tubes, little tubes, syringes, and powder. I'd start with a little syringe and give each goat a full dose three times a day for a few days. But double check with the vet to see if they have other recommendations, too...Ksar is probably right and they're re-infecting themselves because of the weather, but a fecal will tell you for certain.

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    Hi ,I know what you mean I have dealt with this also.Sometimes the Sulmet will work and then I switch to Albon. One case I had to go to the vet neither had worked.The reason I posted was the Spraying bleach solution on the barn. Do not spray a bleach solution on to an ammonia (PEE)smelling floor the chemical reaction do not mix, and you will be asking for respitory problems.If it were a hot dry fast day then I would maybe spray the barn walls .The only thing I use is Dolomite lime on the floor and you can spray on the walls like a white wash it will kill bacteria.Clean all your feeders more often with a bleach solution.just trying to help. :)
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    Jun 6, 2003
    for coccii ourt breaks, as well as preventive, I use DI-METHOX, about a half cc, for the little ones. I give half cc, 2 times daily for 14 days. I use the 40 percent, not the 12 percent. it works, and gets the job done.
    you can order it from jeffers.