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I hope this isn't inappropriate, but I am desperately trying to help a good friend who is in a bad jam.
'M' lives in Falmouth Maine, and he is an EXCELLENT cabinet maker, and all around great fix it man, and carpenter. He is losing his job as of December 24th (less than one week from now).
This man is hard working, honest, pleasant to work with, talented, and he would make an all around WONDERFUL employee. He is also smart and could learn a new skill quickly.
Dh and I have our own business, and I can tell you that if we had any work at ALL, and he lived here, we would be so excited to have such a wonderful dedicated employee.
Please, if you know of anyone near Falmouth Maine, who could spare some work, pm me and I'll send him the information. He is not a member here, but he is a worthy hard working man, and you'd be doing a wonderful thing by helping him.
Thank you in advance.
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