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Need help in getting US seeds to EU

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My name is Barbara and I started a permaculture business in France, selling aromatic plants, vegetable garden plants and a few food forest trees.
Last year I came across Baker Creed heirloom seeds, and felt in love with them ! The catalog is beautiful and I could find seeds there that we do not have in Europe ! Thanks to a friend of mine who used to live in NY, I managed to get my hands on a few when he came back home. But he is gone now.
I'm here looking for a "seeds pal'";) who would be willing to send me back some seeds that I would buy on their website, and I would be more than happy to do the same with some French heirlooms seeds (could send you some websites that do the same as baker creed).
I hope I did not offend anybody with my post, as I'm aware heirloom seeds are not really allowed to cross this border... but hope I get to meet someone as interested by seeds as I am !!
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I am sure you really want the seeds, but it seems that you are asking people here to engage in illegal activity, and international illegal activity at that.

Even if I were inclined to help you, I would not. Your very first post asks people to break international law. Someone who is extra-cautious might think that this was an attempt to trap kindhearted people who want to help fellow gardeners.

Yes... I know how it sounds... a bit weird...
And I understand the caution when the message comes from someone you don't know.
I think I'll just give up, and try to get there myself :cool:, getting a chance to discover Missouri !
Although I think the debate is else where, how come tomatoes seeds are now "illegal"..., administration and legislation have nothing else better to chase ? I'm sure when big seeds companies create a new hybrid seed, they have no problem sending it world wide, but Heirlooms seeds...
Anyway I'm just glad that at Chritopher Columbus time administration was not that though or we would only be eating bread and pees here in EU :ROFLMAO:

I am fairly certain there was about 10 trailer loads of veggies that went through while I was waiting for him to unbunch his panties.

Yes ! That's what's pissing me off... :mad:
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Plant diseases and invasive species are no joke.
Indeed... I was only talking about tomatoes seeds or alike from my side ;)
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Hope you'll stick around here on the forum, and if/when you ever get to Missouri, let us know. Some of us live not too far from Baker Creek, and I'd be happy to meet up for coffee or lunch. :)
Yes definitely ! Would be happy to ! 😀

@Basia, where are you located?
In France, EU

Well, DUH! For some reason I thought this person was Russian!

No problem 😉
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