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    Jul 2, 2002
    Twice a year we put about 50 chickens in our freezer. We are using kitchen knives to cut off feet and cut thru other bones. It is very difficult to cut thru with these knives. (We also use same knives for cutting up goat meat, cutting thru some smaller bones in doing so; using a hacksaw for leg bones on goats. Such a hacksaw is too large to use with chickens.) Does anyone know where we might get a knife for cutting up our chickens?
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    Jun 19, 2004
    I use heavy kitchen shears for cutting up chickens -- it's a lot easier than using a knife. Otherwise, you want a heavy cleaver and a big chopping block.


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    Aug 22, 2004
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    Ive never dressed out chickens before.But i do split them for BBQing.A Serrated Kitchen Knife will rip right threw the back bone and rib cage.Id think it would saw threw legs joints the same.
    Even cheap ones seem to last a while.And can be sharpened a time or two.If you buy the kind that are flat on one side.The bigger butcher knives work best for bone but the little will do it.Just takes a little more sawing action.

    I like the Old Hickory butcher knives for cutting meat.An old man once told me that he (and every one else) used them when he worked at a slaughter house some years earlier.A smooth steel rod or leather strap works well for touching them up and keeping them razor sharp.There getting harder and harder to find them in stores.But ill bet you can find every size they make on line.Did i mention there cheap as well. $5 to $9 bucks each when i see them in (old mom and pop) hardware stores.

    Butchers use meat cleavers to remove the feet.I cant aim that well.If i had to do it id lay the blade where i wanted to cut (between the joint) and hit the back of it with a Wooden block or maybe a brass/or rubber hammer.Anything heavy.

    You might also want to look at the meat saws sold in the sporting good section in most stores.I'm thinking the teeth are much bigger than a hack saw blade and would cut faster.Then again we used a plain hand saw when we wanted to cut threw deer legs.But Ive since found it easier to just de bone them on the animal.
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    A set of gardening prunes will do fine for bones. Just keep em clean and dont use them for pruning
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    All you need is a shape knife to cut up a chicken (shears work great if you split down the back) every joint has a tendon on the joint if you cut the tendon the leg will come right off if you give it a good twist. :cowboy:
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    Feb 19, 2004
    If you do it right, there shouldn't be much cutting, other then through skin and one tendon here and there. A really good, really sharp chef's or cook's knife should be fine, not serrated though. Just keep the sharpener handy and sharpen it often, really often.

    Here's a good illustration:
    They recommend kitchen sheers for the splitting the breast.

    I couldn't find the really good site with pictures of butchering, but I know they used just a knife too.

    The key is sharp sharp sharp!!
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    Apr 13, 2006
    They make poultry shears for doing this. But heavy duty kitchen shears will work well, too. I always liked those white handled commercial paring knives for butchering chickens. They sharpen easily and aren't too expensive. I've found them at every restaurant supply store I've been in.