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Need advice please: Peach tree "weeping"

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Thre's a small peachtree out back that has two spots, one small, one large, that are "weeping" sap? The large spot is where it lost a limb last year due to wind and heavy fruit. The small patch is on a bottom limb, near an "elbow". I'm thinking that perhaps the deer were nibbling on it?

I went out and bought a tree-patch spray, but will that be enough? Is there any sort of medication I should put on the spots before I spray the patching onto it?


P.S. Are there any good books out there on how to prune and manage fruit trees? I ended up with a lot that has two apple trees plus the peach tree. I've never pruned or managed an "orchard", so any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)
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there are some good books avalibe on the subject i ca't remember the titles though you might want to check with you local library they should have them. also the weeping sap issue,we found that a good tar type orchard paint helps ,can be got at the local hardware. or in a pinch use exterior house paint(lead free of course) to seal the injuries.
Peach Tree Borer? I lost a peach tree in a previous life to these nasty pests and recall that finding a hole in the trunk with sap weeping was the first sign.

But I haven't lived in an area where I can grow peaches in many years, so cannot recall how one treats this pest. Sorry!
Deb, I agree, it sounds like peach tree borer or lessor peach tree borer. I battled them for 2 years, they finally won. They died, I cut them down a few weeks ago *sob*. If you treat now you might have a good chance. Your state isn't listed but most have cooperative extensions or other ag offices on line that will tell you what you need to apply for your area.
Best wishes!
Deb, just for the heck of it I put "pruning" into the google search engine and came up with all sorts of very informative sites to visit. I am just starting a dwarf and semi-dwarf nursery and facing the same problem regarding lack of knowledge regarding pruning. It appears to me that there are some very basic guidelines to learn and then it is more personal preference than anything. Regarding the weeping........since it is only at branch injury sites I tend to disagree with the borer diagnosis, but I don't know anywhere that does not have a problem with them so preventative treatment would be in order.

Thank you very much! I took a look at the Google search and found out a little more on those peach borers you were all talking about -it's one nasty little critter! :(

I just ran outside to take a closer look at the spots that are weeping. I couldn't get up close to the upper (and larger) wound, but the smaller one did have a bit of cobweb-like stuff. However, when I dug down around the roots - they look good! No sign of cobwebs down there at all, in fact, I noticed a lot of small black ants around the base of the tree.

I sprayed "Spectracide" tree patching spray on the wounds I could reach (there's actually one large, one small and one that just might be a natural crack in the bark). I'll do the largest one tomorrow afternoon, when I can get help putting up the larger ladder.

Anyway, I guess it's time to start learning about pruning and arbor (tree) management.

Thanks again all and best wishes in your gardens too!

P.S. If I come across any info while searching on peach trees, or weeping in general, did y'all want me to post a link here for it?
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