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My neighbor has lots of chunks of aspalt in their back yard (long story of why it's there) and I was thinking of using the chunks to make raised garden beds with it. My question is: Is it safe? The raised beds will be for herbs, veggies and fruits. Looking for an inexpensive way to make my garden beds (and recycle) but at the same time I don't want to end up growing a third arm. LOL All imput is much appreciated!!!!!!!!

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I wouldn't do it. :no: Asphalt is loaded with chemicals that will be taken up by the plants. :eek:

Asphalt Training Guide
(Taken from the "Tailgate Meetings that Work : A Guide to Effective Construction Safety Training" series)

Robin Baker, Robert Downey, Mary Ruth Gross, Charles Reiter
Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) School of Public Health,
University of California, Berkeley Ca.

An excerpt:

3. What ingredients in asphalt can cause these problems?

Asphalt is originally solid or semisolid. It is blended or “cut” with a solvent to make it more liquid. Hazardous solvents may be used, like naphtha, toluene, and xylene.

Many other chemicals are used in asphalt products—binders, hardening agents, bonding agents, crushed rock, and sand. For example, a product might contain:

styrene, a toxic chemical that causes nervous system damage.

asbestos and silica in the rock and sand. Their dusts can cause lung disease.

The composition of asphalt products is changing. Today, some paving asphalt is mixed with materials like resins and recycled rubber, which may add new hazards.

The entire page can be read at:

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In addition to being yucky, it may look yucky. But then, maybe you can cut straight edges and make it look neat.

If you choose to use it, just separate the dirt from the asphalt with a plastic liner. Run the plastic to the bottom of the asphalt and over the top. Put the last course over the plastic to hold it. Keep the dirt level just below the plastic.
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