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have several gallons of water base paint that MIGHT have been frozen - is there any way to inspect the paint to determine for sure if it did freeze?
what is the down side of using it anyway if it did freeze?
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I have used paint that I know had frozen without any ill effects, but maybe that is just me. I was a painter for ten years and sometimes the client insisted I use their paint, and I am quite certain some of it had been frozen, but then again I personally never had a problem with frozen paint in the can.

It is much worse to have the paint freeze after it is applied, and before it dries completely, then to have it freeze in the can. At least in the can it can be re-mixed. If you do decide to use the paint just make sure it is thoroughly mixed.

Here is some information I found on the subject.

Can a quality latex paint be hurt if it has been frozen and thawed?

Yes, latex paint can be hurt if it is frozen. Problems that can occur are reduced gloss, separation of ingredients, formation of "grit" or lumps. Often, though, a paint may survive one or a few freeze-thaw cycles. If a paint is frozen, it should be thawed slowly; then thoroughly stir the paint. If it appears to be smooth and of normal consistency and of the proper color, it probably is OK to use.

This info was found at:

Hope this helps
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