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I second Steve's advice. AI is simple and straightforward in swine. The SOA spray, not only detects the heat cycle (which is easy to detect anyway) but it freezes them so you can insert the rod and squeeze the semen in. When a sow is in heat she will stand for the boar and that standing reflex is brought about by the SOA spray. As for Prairie State I would call someone else. Try Some idiot salesman at Prairie State told me to insert the rod at 180 degree angle when I asked for Ai'ing instructions. I didn't know any better since it was the first time I would attempt it. Afterward, when the pregnancy didn't take, I read that I probably dumped the four tubes of semen (two sows and 2 attempts each) into their bladder wasting over $140 worth of semen and one month of waiting time. If you need advice on Ai'ing I will help you. It is so simple and straightforward that there is no need for a boar, so you save the maintenance of one and you have access to the top lines in the nation.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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