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I have a 500 gallon water tank mounted on a trailer. I want to turn on my irrigation system and fill this tank then take the tank out to where the cows are and fill their stock tank.

The trailer is kinda high, and the tank has water fittings at the bottom. So I'm thinking that I would like something like a 2 inch firehose thing to connect to the irrigation system so I can fill the tank (the irrigation system has 1.5 inch poly pipe). Once the tank is full, I go out to the pasture and then connect the same firehose thing to the bottom of the tank and use gravity to fill the stock tank.

Would firehose work here? Since it sort of folds, it seems like it might require a lot of pressure in order to let water pass through. This would be okay for filling the tank, but it might not work on the gravity feed side of things.

Any suggestions?
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