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National day of silence this Friday

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On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools.

Last year one of the teachers around here participated and stayed silent all day during class.

For those of you with children in the public school system, will your children be participating in the National Day of Silence?

How about those of you who home-school, will your children be participating in the National Day of Silence?
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I'd like to see a teacher who can keep a whole class silent all day!

That being said....I've never heard of this nor will my kids' school be participating.
That's incredibly stupid.

Hey, I know. How about a day of silence for fat kids? Kids with braces? Freckles? Nerds? Geeks? Jews? Blacks? Muslims? Christians? Clumsy kids? Jocks? Big-eared kids? Oooo! Big-NOSED kids? Why not? All these groups are subject to "name-calling, bullying, and harassment in their schools."

Far be it from me as a home-schooler to suggest that children in public schools should be using their time to LEARN the facts of history, grammar, physical science, biology, math, etc., not engaging in this nonsense.
What is LGBT? :shrug:
Gays, and other alternate sexuality persons. For some reason, the school systems want to turn kids gay. Maybe it's part of the grand population control plan-homosexuals don't reproduce, after all. I guess it would be too much to ask to ask kids to not breed based on the merits of controlling the number of humans.
Folks tell me that it's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

When I was in school, we only had the ropers, the dopers and the jocks.

We weren't sure what the girls were.

They were sort of a mystery.
Nope, not doing it here, no LGBT issues in this school. They only way my kids could be silent all day is if I used super glue on their lips. Something tells me that would be a no-no.
Oh super glue wouldn't work at all. You could still hear them, you just couldn't understand them. That has benefits as well, but won't achieve silence. :)

School systems want to turn kids gay? Oh puhlease.
The middle school and high school in my childrens' district are participating in this. I don't see the harm in it, and it will probably give the teachers a break if it works lol.

I don't agree that any school is "trying to turn kids gay" - It happens for whatever reason, and I know a number of people that are in gay or lesbian relationships and it's not easy for them. Especially the younger ones. It's probably one of the biggest instances where I've seen adults be just as cruel as kids in elementary school and middle school are!

Children take their lives everyday because of their values, belief systems and lifestyle choices not being "mainstream" and it's unfair, and a horrific tragedy - if a "national day of silence" brings attention to that, then rock on in my opinion.
National Day of Silence

Please inform my neighborhood dogs of this! Pretty please, with sugar on top!
I homeschool so my son doesn't have to participate in this kind of stuff. We will not participate in my home. It is only common courtesy to not make fun of someone who is "different". I have a few gay family members. I don't treat them any different than I do anyone else.
i personaly belive that the gay rights and other noneducational functions need to stay out of the schools. schools are for learning how to read write math and history. not to teach kids its ok to be gay. sorry if that offends you but that is my 2 cent in my opinion the more you expose someone to things the more they lean to it.
and no my kids will not be involved with the day of silence
My children are homeschooled but even if they were not they absolutely would not be participating.
Yet another reason my kids are homeschooled because there is no way I would put up with that sort of nonsense.
Good grief...there are so many days of whatever I dont even know how anyone tracks them all. Maybe it just makes more sense to teach kids to be respectful of everybody every day and let the parents decide if they want to single out certain groups to discuss.
This is just stupid. Being silent all day won't change anything, it will just put kids behind in their schoolwork. I say fire any teacher who does it, and expel the kids. If you are going to be silent all day you aren't worth the tax money.
It ought to be a day of silence alright. Silence from being speechless and ashamed that America has turned its back on God and that it no longer cares if a lifestyle is against Gods will or not.Just go ahead and live it and celebrate its holidays, like there is no God..

We must forget that sooner or later we will be back on our knees praying for a friend or love one who's sick or maybe a storm or earthquake,,we'll be praying for protection from terrorists that's determined to kill as many of us as possible'or praying for our military men and women in harms way right now..We had better wake up and stop calling things right, when almighty God has already said they were wrong.

I guess if you don't believe in God,it doesnt matter to you,but we did not become the most powerful and prosperous nation in the World by not believing in God or going against Gods teachings,.We can just as easily become a third world country by doing that.

As a matter of fact,we are heading in that direction right now.That direction will not change until we change and put Gods teachings back on our agenda and in our schools.We can't wait though,because in the very near future you will be locked up for mentioning God or reading his word.

Try to read the Christian Bible at our public schools today and see what happens.But read some trashy book thats aganist Gods will,or about some false god,and you'll be welcomed with open arms,you might even have a school holiday named after you.
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And here I thought it was because of the day after TAX DAY. And everyone would be "Speechless" No I guess NEXT year it will be. After all the "extra taxes get put on people.
Get your flame throwers out.. i am going to offer an opposing opinion. What if God actually made people they way they are and being gay is okay? and not some sort of demonic mutation as so many of your posts insinuate. If you don't think that LGBT issues exist in your school you haven't been paying attention, young kids know when they are different from their friends and when it isnt okay they hide it. Should we be taking time out of the school day to address bullying of all people HECK YEAH! and that includes LGBT. Do they need their own day probably not, it should all be integrated. no one's kids is going to turn gay because they are asked to be tolerant, and if that is why your are keeping your kids at home, that is very sad, and is why homeschooling gets a bad name on the socialization front.. Jesus tells you to embrace everyone, and he showed you how to do it by embracing the tax collectors and the sinners .. and leaving the high priests to their own finger pointing and posturing . stepping down off my soap box now.
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statistically one third of teenagers who commit suicide are LGBT. this means they are 300% more likely to do so. a friend of mine lost her 15 year old brother this way. imagine how her parents felt when they found him hanging in the garage. (sadly, they really did) no matter what YOUR personal beliefs are, there are a lot of families for which this is a big deal. oh, and he was taunted at school for years before committing suicide, but b/c the students called him "gay" it was ignored if not encouraged. just sayin'...
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