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My Saanen doe says, "Where's the rain?" pic included

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Where's the rain??????


Here's one of my pretty gals. She is one of trips that I got from allenslabs who posts here. She has really nice Saanens!! Anyway, I want to start sharing some pics of my goats so here is a start!!

Here are all three Saanens along with my Alpine/Boer doe! They are all yearlings.


Thanks for looking!!
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LOVE those black and white goats! I wish I had a herd of nothing but those, they look so pretty out in the pasture. But on the other hand, it;s a brown head and white body that sells highest these days.

I just picked up a Boer/Saanen cross doe and a 7/8 Boer does, both 6 months old, $50 each. Saved them from somebody's supper, as the guy was selling for meat.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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