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my rabbit problem

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I think my rabbits' failure to produce is two things. One the terrible heat, they do have a fan and i give them ice water...but still. I live in Mississippi, someone described the air as 'juicy' and thats about right. The other thing maybe, they are cheap rabbits. My dear husband doesnt understand the concept of inital output vs. longterm cost. So we got the $5 rabbits from a hobbyist instead of the $20 from a larger scale meat breeder. I'm mostly interested in breeding for personal use...meat and fur. Anyone ever raised satins or other breeds for meat? What do you think?

Thanks a lot,

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I started with a few $5 rabbits from the feed store a little over a year ago - the kind of buns people got tired of a short while after Easter, mostly - and today, I have a whole herd of them :) They have nicely mixed genes, so I get all sorts of colors and temperaments and meat weight. Out of a perfectly non-descript grayish-tan doe and a silvery cream siamese-pointed buck, I've gotten several perfectly stunning blue buns - not gray, but a solid steel blue. Blanket color! Then there are the intensely ginger-colored rabbits, solid black, silver-tipped otters, broken colors (black/white, ginger/white, brown/white, gray/white), dark-eyed creams (these are BORN litterbox-trained and friendly, perfect for pets), along with a variety of browns and grays and red-eyed whites. All from a broken brown/white buck, the siamese buck, a gray doe, a brown doe, the grayish-tan doe, an otter doe, and a brown rex doe. This spring, I spent another $5 on a baby Flemish Giant (at the feedstore) who'll add size to my meat.
They're all very healthy, make like rabbits, taste good and have nice fur. I sell most of the meat locally and, after having sold some of the skins, I'm saving those now for my own use as well.
If you're just looking for rabbits for your own household use, those $5 buns should be more than adequate.
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