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my rabbit problem

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I think my rabbits' failure to produce is two things. One the terrible heat, they do have a fan and i give them ice water...but still. I live in Mississippi, someone described the air as 'juicy' and thats about right. The other thing maybe, they are cheap rabbits. My dear husband doesnt understand the concept of inital output vs. longterm cost. So we got the $5 rabbits from a hobbyist instead of the $20 from a larger scale meat breeder. I'm mostly interested in breeding for personal use...meat and fur. Anyone ever raised satins or other breeds for meat? What do you think?

Thanks a lot,

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RooMaN said:
Where in MS are you? I know of a satin breeder here in LA, as well as a number of NZ breeders.
Cool! Currently in the Jackson area but moving to Vicksburg soon. I've seen AD's in the MS Market Bulletin, someone in LA selling red NewZealands. Bet those are pretty. I feel like Cruella Deville...looking @ fur patterns and thinking which ones would make a pretty blanket. :haha:

Thanks Lance,

Vera said:
I started with a few $5 rabbits from the feed store a little over a year ago -
If you're just looking for rabbits for your own household use, those $5 buns should be more than adequate.
You're probly right, cuz you cant eat a pedigree.
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