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My rabbit gave birth 8 hours ago but still have some in her stomach?

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So yea like my title says we marked on the calendar my doe who is a Rex mix with a lop to give birth today or tomorrow. I went to check on her and realize there was only 1 kit. It looked very healthy and was squirming around.. which I know she has more because 2 days prior to this I felt around and felt at least 3... so I carefully checked again and they are still in there.. I never had this problem before within the 5 years of me breeding rabbits but this is her first. Is there anything I can do to help her she doesn’t seem uncomfortable or in any pain but she did grunt when I gave her fresh food today (which I know it normal) and she hopped around like crazy. But it still doesn’t explain why there is one kit and there is still more in her stomach.
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Did you check her and make sure none are stuck in the birth canal ?
Pick her up and look.

If you bred her more than 1x, maybe there is a few from the second breeding
that she should deliver soon. For example, like you bred her one day and then the next day,
so they could be 24 hours apart.
Did was never breed again a second she took the first. I’ll be checking her as soon as the toddler that lives with me (cousin) wakes up. I carefully felt down where at canal would be and didn’t feel anything.

Update as of 3/4/20 at 11:00 went and checked she had two more so it seems like we only have 3 kits it seems like she is done.
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