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My Mille Fleur D'Uccle's

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I am finally figuring out how to get pics from my new camera to here. Woohoo

This is Cupcake, my male. I got him as a chick last year.

This is Sprinkles, hen

This is Poppyseed Muffin, hen

I know they aren't the best poses, but I had just gotten Sprinkles and Poppyseed Muffin home and they weren't happy. They are extremely sweet and gentle and the pics don't do them justice. Any obvious DQ's?
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Don't know about DQs, but they sure are pretty!
Pretty birds!

congrats on learning to post pics too. :)
I think they are sooooo ugly that you will have to just ship them over here and I'll keep.... erm... put them out of their misery! lol

I don't know anything about them, except they are awfully pretty.
It took almost a year to find a couple girlfriends for cupcake, I was thrilled when I saw how pretty they were. They are 5-6 months old and not done getting their spots yet. The pics don't show it well, but they have very full and gorgeous muffs and feet feathers. Cupcake does have a muff but it isn't as full as the girls' are.
I guess you will have to get some more pics then, once they settle in their new digs. :)
What's fun is when you breed them and see what turns up. I've been raising them for almost a decade. After about year three, darker and lighter ones started showing up. Last two years, breeding just mille fleurs, I've gotten what appear to be porcelains (ivory white) and some ivory with the faintest of spots... amazing little birds! Good luck, and hope your guys make more!
The hens are supposed to be POL and the incubator is back on the table just waiting, lol.

Here are a couple more pics of Cupcake, showing off his beautiful spots.

Note: his wings are clipped which is why they look weird/spacy

Ok, gratuitous chick pic- TSC had bantams in and hubby MADE me go. I got two more mille's.
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Thanks for posting pictures of your beautiful birds! I've always loved the Mille Fleur coloring, but didn't want bantams. I finally ordered some Mille Fleur Leghorns from Sand Hill Preservation Center and am waiting (a bit anxiously!) for them to get here! (Not sure of the shipping date.)

I really want Mille Fleur Leghorns too as long as they don't have the skittish nature that all my leghorns have always had.
I wish our TSC carried Mille Fleurs! I love to look at them.
They do!!!! They were in the bantam mixes. I was lucky enough to remember what they looked like from my drooling over chick pics for the last year. I had no clue about the rest of the bantams I had picked out.
Those are so pretty! Good luck with raising a great flock!
Lovely birds!
Thank you all for your kind words. I just love them to pieces!
I have two hens. I HAD a rooster and 3 hens but a hawk got one of the hens and the rooster. One of the hens brooded eggs this year and hatched 7 babies. They are a cross to a Japanese black tail rooster. Should be interesting to see what they look like LOL.
That does sound like a cool cross. I got some silkies this year and was thinking about putting a hen (if I have one) in with the mille's to see what I get.
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