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HilltopDaisy said:
Living in NY is hard this time of year. We've had brutal cold for weeks. I don't think we've gotten above freezing in weeks. Today is like a heat wave, and I bet it's not 25 degrees.

It's too early to start anything indoors. Won't be doing that for a couple months. I'm sick of looking at catalogs, sick of snow and shoveling, sick of wind and freezing temps.

I need ideas for better ways of dealing with this. What are you doing to combat this cabin fever? I spend very little time indoors from May to November. I can't stand this being cooped up. Seriously, it's too cold to do much besides the absolute necessities.

I'm planning on making a drawing of this year's garden, and placement of the new fruit trees, but I want more ideas. Thanks, Daisy

Well theres always the Comp :) Have you seen the newest landscape program??? Its pretty pricey around 50 to 75 depending on where you go, but you can design your garden around your house! You take a picture of your house scan it into the comp, poof you get 360 view to design stuff based on your property.... ... Also you could always go to Thrift stores and hunt up new plant pots, or some good books to read, or go thru the closets and organize..
I am incubating eggs :) Its fun, and can be done indoors... Then when they are big enough to face the outside world (In a building with a booder of course) it will give you reason to get out of the house and care for the cute fuzzballs.... Ive just hatched out a bunch of quail, who after 2 weeks in a box in the house have been moved out to the shop with a heat lamp... They are so much fun...

Just so you wont feel TOO bad My friend in Alaska is sitting at -46 , the Weather Channel says feels like -62 LOL
We are at 46 but being in Calif thats cold for us....
Hang in there Soon spring will be here!!
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