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My kitten won't use the litter box..Help!!!

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One of my students gave me the most pathetic looking kitten a couple of weeks ago. She was COVERED with fleas and so bony. Well, little Clementine has been cleaned up, fed, and given lots of love. She couldn't have been more than 4 weeks old when we got her. Luckily we took her in because the other kittens died.
Anyway, she will not go to the bathroom in her litter box. Any ideas on how to train her???
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Put her in a crate with a litter box and see if she uses it then. If so, leave her in there unless you are watching her for a week or so. If not, try different types of litter...clay, scoopable, equine pine pellets, pearls, etc. Also when she has an accident, put the solids in her box or a paper towel with her urine on it in the box so it picks up her scent. Meanwhile, clean up all accident thoroughly and after dry, spray them with a deterent.
Take her and sit her inside the box occasionally as well...take her little foot and make scratching motions in the "dirt" you have in the box.
We had a kitten that refused to use his litter pan... We found out he had worms, so we thought that maybe he just wasn't making it to the potty in time.

Well, after worming him, he still refused to go in his litter pan. I have had cats my entire life and never had this issue before...

DH finally had enough of playing "find the poo" every single morning, so we took Mr. Kitty to my parents' house. They have indoor/outdoor kitties so we figured it wouldn't really matter where he went, as it would be out-of-doors.

Yeah, well about a month later he is now my Mom's pride and joy and a full blown house cat who has never had an accident while in her house. Go figure...

I'm not sure what his issue was with us, but the minute he was with her, he used his litter pan.

I hope everything works out with your kitty! :cool:
This is how I trained every kitty, kitten, ferel or adult cat. The first time they make a potty they usually don't find the box so I move the poo to the sand and put kitty in the box too. That's all its ever taken for them to learn. Just once.
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