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My Granddog is having troubles

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My son left SC for NC because he was offered a job. He took my 6 yof granddog with him. He is living with friends who already have 4 dogs. The friend's dogs are a 6mof and a 5mom and two puppies, probably not much over 6 weeks old that they found wandering on the road.

My granddog Gwendolyn (who gets along fine with our cats btw) gets on fine with the little puppies. However she snaps at the older dogs, and they snap at her too. They are not at all friendly with each other.

Also Gwendolyn barks at every move the friends make. She'll accept treats from them, wagging her tail and growling at the same time. When they get off the couch to use the bathroom or get more treats, she barks like crazy at them.

It's only been two days, but my son is really afraid that this constant barking is going to wear thin soon.

Any ideas on what he can do to calm her down? She NEVER has growled at anyone in my house. She is truly a good dog. Stubborn, but a good dog.


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First, it sounds like there's too many dogs. The other dogs and your grand-dog ( :haha: ) are battling for position in the pack. Your son and you should be aware that that many dogs (5 in all, I gather?) can easily get out of control quickly. It's hard to maintain that many dogs and it's even stressful for the dogs.

Second, not sure why he's barking and growling at the people, but doesn't sound too good. Your grand-dog ( :haha: ), however, is definitely stressing. It may calm down in time. In the meantime, the other people should exercise a little caution, and your son needs to set very clear boundaries on the doggie's behavior with humans.

If it's possible, maybe your grand-dog could come back and stay with you til your son finds a place of his own to live --- ?
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